Experiencing God through One Another (Sept 17 Series)

The Bible has over 50 “One Another” passages that instruct and encourage us to care about other people because we are living in a relationship with the Lord. When we live and serve as God instructs we will be able to experience more go God’s love and power working in our lives. Come to River Rock Church at 10am on Sundays to worship and grow with one another.

  • 9/10/17     Four Simple Ways to Love One Another [LISTEN]
  • 9/17/17     Timely Rewards through Being Patient and Kind to One Another [LISTEN]
  • 9/24/17     Mutual Freedom through Forgiving One Another [LISTEN]
  • 10/1/17     Satisfaction through Sharing One Another’s Burdens [LISTEN]
  • 10/8/17     Incredible Power through Encouraging One Another [LISTEN]

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