The Bible has a lot to say about preserving and ending life. God has a plan for the way we are to care for people from the cradle to the grave. Jesus offers forgiveness for those who have made the wrong choice.

The National Right to Life group estimates that 60 million babies (people) were aborted (killed) since 1973 and there are probably friends among us that made that choice or had that choice made for them.  Sometimes fear, poor advice or a faith-less world view can lead to destructive life choices.

We took time to acknowledge that God gives life and expects us to protect and cherish it . Maybe you were one of the fortunate babies that were pre-planned, prayed for and born to prepared parents who saw you as a priority in their lives. Or maybe you were an unplanned inconvenience that escaped execution by abortion and someone raised you until you could fend for yourself. Maybe you are somewhere in between and just take life for granted. Maybe you feel constant sadness or even guilt for something life ending event that happened in the past. God can help you and enable you to help others experience new life and protect the lives of others. Be encouraged to embrace and follow God’s perfect plan this National Sanctity of Human Life – because Every Life is a Gift.

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