Some Resources for Job Hunters

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People often ask us to pray for them to find new jobs because they are currently underemployed, unemployed or concerned that their job may be ending soon. Years ago you would search through the Sunday paper want ads to find a job, now most opportunities are posted online. Here are some resources we have been sharing with people who are new to job hunting in today’s competitive market.

Sign-Up for regional job listings by email
You can receive a large list job openings and training opportunities in your email inbox about once a week when you sign up at and fill out a brief form to be added to the list. Stopping these emails is easy, just reply and indicate that you would like to unsubscribe.

Setup Google Alerts to automatically watch for new jobs
Use Google Alerts to be notified when jobs that fit your area and criteria are posted on the internet. An example of a job search alert setup is: “Belle Plaine” OR “Jordan” OR “Shakopee” +Jobs. (We use Google Alerts to watch for the latest Belle Plaine news and receive an email every day around 4am with any news that contains the words “Belle Plaine”) See a related article here

Craigslist: Many human resources people find it is easy and cost effective to post job listings on Craigslist (but beware of the scammers that also use the site). Here is a link of some jobs in Belle Plaine, MN:

Grace Church in Eden Prairie offers a job seekers network that can help you make connections, gain job seeking skills and get encouragement

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Crown Financial Ministries has a lot of helpful articles

Maybe you need help trying to figure out what job might fit you or exploring the details of various job types, ISEEK is Minnesota’s comprehensive career, education, and job resource. Explore careers, find a job, plan your education

Belle Plaine, MN is a bedroom community where a majority of the residents drive an average of 20 miles to get to work and there are not that many places to work in our town. We meet more and more people in Belle Plaine that are using technology to do their work from their homes for part or all of their weekly work hours.

There are many other technology tools that can help you find a new job. Let us know what other free job tools we should list here.