River Rock Church Adventure Club Sign Up 18

These Programs Start next Wednesday September 12th at 6:30pm. Please let us know your child/student is coming so we can have materials ready for them. Just reply with a quick email to this message or sign up at https://riverrockchurch.com/kids


Kids Bible Adventure Club is one hour on Wednesday Nights to encourage your kid(s) and help build their faith. There is game time, craft time and most importantly teaching time. We are adapting professionally developed, age appropriate resources from the group that created the You Version Bible App to help keep kids interest and get them to internalize foundational principles to help them be more successful making right choices in a world full of confusion. At River Rock our goal is to help people of all ages connect to Christ and live W.E.L.L. Lives (Worshiping, Encouraging, Learning and Loving).

Here are the themes/topics for September:

5th– 6th Grade  “The Incident“    Bullying is one of the most prominent issues young people face, and it happens on a daily basis. In this series, we’ll take a deep dive into a bullying situation at a school. Students will learn what bullying looks like, what motivates bullying, and how to change the culture of their school and social groups. Students can truly change the world, and that happens when they are good friends who encourage rather than bully and hurt one another.

1st – 4th Grade “In The Lead”   Who’s in the lead? Is it you? Is it someone else? It’s both! We’re all leaders and followers. Kids influence others and follow those who influence them. In The Lead is a series that helps kids be godly and wise leaders to others, while at the same time being wise about the people they follow.

4yrs – Kindergarten “Dreams Come True”   We will look at the life of Joseph –from his imprisonment in Egypt to his God-given ability to understand dreams!


Elliot W and Sheila L. are leading the 9-12th grade Sr High Group and Mike E and John L are leading the 7-8th grade Jr High Group on Wednesday Nights at our Ministry Center 124 W Main St from 6:30-7:30pm


The age for Student Bible Quizzing has been lowered down to mature 9 years old and goes up to 12th grade. The team are studying and competing on the Gospel of John this year.