When You Pray – Jesus Teaches Us Effective Prayer (Oct 18 Series)

In Matthew 6 we read how Jesus was instructing his disciples to live, serve and pray. The passage is called the “Lord’s Prayer” but it probably would be more accurate to call it the “Disciples Prayer” as Jesus was giving them a prayer guide and not a prayer they were just supposed to say over and over verbatim. Sundays in October and November we will see how each part of Jesus prayer guide can powerfully transform our lives and help our prayer life to be more effective.

  • 10/14   Fulfilling God’s Purpose through Proper Praying [LISTEN]
  • 10/21   Running to Pray to our Father in Heaven [LISTEN]
  • 10/28   Seeking God’s Presence and Will through Prayer [LISTEN]
  • 11/04   Getting Things from God through Prayer [LISTEN]
  • 11/11  Persisting in Prayer even when you Mess Up [LISTEN]

Come to River Rock Church 10am Sundays at 330 S Market St in Belle Plaine and be encouraged to pray as Jesus desires.

Two great resources on the Lord’s Prayer (click on them)

The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down audiobook cover art
The Disciple's Prayer audiobook cover art