Following Jesus for the Greatest Future

If you have Jesus then the seven things listed in this message will make an eternal difference in your life that will lead to the greatest future ever. This doesn’t mean your life will be trouble free or you’ll never feel lonely or disappointed, but it does mean when your life is spent you will find yourself in the winner’s circle. And the amazing thing is all Jesus has done and is doing to help you be victorious and joyful in this world. Jesus Resurrection Power is available to Transform your Life. Pastor Chris Teien


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River Rock Church     Easter Sunday April 21, 2019     Pastor Chris Teien
Following Jesus for the Greatest Future
1 Peter 1:3-9, 13-15

If you have Jesus, then…

#1 You have the HOLY TRINITY on your side (v.1-2)

#2 You Live with Great Expectation because of the POWER
       of Christ’s Resurrection (v.3)

#3 You have an ETERNAL Inheritance being kept for you (v.4)

 #4 You have the ASSURANCE of Salvation (v.5)

#5 Your temporary trials have a PURPOSE and Joy fills your future (v.6-7)

#6 You LOVE and TRUST Jesus even though you haven’t
       seen him yet (v.8-9)

#7 You choose to OBEY God’s will (v.13-15)

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