Listen to: Valuing Biblical Marriage and Singleness

God our Heavenly Father has made His design for marriage between one man and one woman clear in the Scriptures He gave us through the Holy Spirit and it was even spoken directly about by Jesus our Savior. While our society seeks to redefine marriage and everyone appears to want to do whatever seems right in their own eyes, Christians ignoring God’s original design for marriage is not wise and will lead to great disappointment. Biblical singleness is even better than Biblical marriage for those God has given that gift and we are supposed to honor both of those relationships. Christians are not to be conformed to the world but transformed by renewing our minds by Word of the Lord so we will know and follow His perfect will for our lives. Listen and be encouraged to Value Biblical Marriage and Singleness and to live and teach the conservative values rooted in your Christian faith. Also be encouraged to lovingly and patiently share what you believe with those who disagree. 

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