Pastor Chris’ news, views, resources, pics and links

Pastor Chris had posted many helpful resources, links and reviews at this website and now to connect with more people and make our church even more effective there is now a new website.

We thought about giving the new website a great name that had to do with WELL Living or Discipleship or something else – instead we just went with Pastor Chris figures the only people who will find it are those who can actually figure out how to spell his last name. It’s a Norwegian name – five letters with three vowels – sounds like “Tie-En”

As Pastor Chris finds new resources, pictures, interesting experiences or whatever else they will be posted on that site. There are probably a few things there that may not necessarily represent the views of the church (because the church most likely has no position on it). Things that are good for the River Rock Church website have been categorized to be linked to our church page as an RSS feed.

Many people in the community around us that don’t currently attend River Rock Church have also taken an interest in some of the things on this new website.

Pastor Chris also has a presence on:

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