Maybe you struggle with sadness and depression. Sometimes it is easy to identify the reason you are depressed and for some people they are often depressed for no known reason. If we want to show Jesus love and encourage people it is important for us to get help if we are suffering and be ready to help those around who are depressed. When we feel like we are in a pit of despair we need to learn how to ask others in the church to help pull us out. The Bible has a lot to say about depression (just read some of the Psalms) and how Jesus can help us conquer depression and experience joy. Unfortunately, depression can lead to thoughts of suicide and it is shocking to hear that even pastors and committed Christ-followers have taken their own lives. Relief doesn’t always come immediately and sometimes God uses medication and Christian counseling to bring healing. Come to River Rock Church this Sunday to be encouraged to find help for your needs and become a resource to help others as we see how Jesus help us conquer depression. 10am Sunday at 330 S. Market St in Belle Plaine. A great Sunday to being a friend!

Coming Up:

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  • Sunday, Nov 3 “Maturing into Child Like Faith” (Pastor Dan Jetto)
  • Sunday, Nov 10 Special Guest Dr. Ken Castor – Crown College
  • Sunday, Nov 17 “When God calls you to Rescue them” Jude 23
  • Sunday, Nov 24 “When you are Thankful, Grateful & Blessed”