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New Kids Welcome Any Time to River Rock Kids Club

Bring your kids for an hour of fun games and relevant teaching. Here is an idea of what they will learn through video and their group leaders from 6:30-7:30pm on Wednesday nights in the Chatfield Elem School gym. New kids are welcome at any time and it doesn’t matter which week in the series they attend. Click here for more details about River Rock Kids Club

“Drama (And How To Deal)”
5th & 6th Graders

In this three-week series, we’ll talk about drama! No, not like movies and theater. Like relationship drama! Yes, we’re going there. But don’t worry—it’s going to be drama-free! During each week of Drama (And How To Deal), we’ll see how Colossians 3:13-14 offers us the path to peace when drama tries to bring division among friends, more-than-friends, and families.

“Peer Relationships”
1st-4th Graders

Friendships, peer relationships matter, and family relationships matter! They’re influential, so you’ve got to think about who you hang out with, how you respond to people, and who you can reach out to when you need extra support. During this series, elementary students will learn to base friendships and relationships on a godly foundation so that they can love everyone, stand out as a good friend, and find friends who will encourage them to live like Jesus. Be a peaceful influence in their family, even if things aren’t going great, and reach out to trusted adults when they need help.

“Through The Roof”
Kids 4yrs-Kindergarten

This five-part lesson walks your preschoolers through the story of the sick man who was lowered through the ceiling by his friends so that Jesus could heal him. Through the Roof teaches your kids age 4 through kindergarten about the love and healing power of Jesus, and the faith we can have in Him.