Free Access to VidAngel for families stuck at home

FREE ACCESS TO VidAngel for families stuck at home

In response to millions of children being confined to their homes and their parents wondering how to take care of things while our system as we know it is shut down, VidAngel is offering families at home free acess to our entire offering. No credit card required. Must agree to social distancing

  • FREE Skip objectionable content on your favorite Netflix and Amazon shows
  • FREE Family Night Out titles to enjoy with the family at home
  • FREE Award winning TV series The Chosen (first read Crosswalk Article: Things you should know about The Chosen)
  • FREE Hundreds of Dry Bar Comedy episodes

Disclaimer: A free resource we found worth sharing – may not fully represent the views of River Rock Church. The founders of this service are Mormons. You choose what you want filtered out of the streaming video services. Most of the DryBar Comedy Episodes are filmed in Provo, Utah.

We also have a Video Library through RightNow Media at

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