May 17th Church at Home: Playing a New Game?

Sermon Description: Pastor Chris Teien shares an encouraging message about being successful when the rules change or a new game begins. Whether you are graduating from school or just about to be set free from the Minnesota Governor’s stay at home order or experiencing any other struggle or life change the Bible has a lot to say about how to win at the game of life. Listen and hear four strategies to help you win whatever competition or challenge you are now facing. Includes a special video from the Class of 2020.

The COVID-19 crisis continues to keep us all at home. We have an online opportunity to watch the Sunday service together. Watch for our complete service with kids program options and resources to be posted on Saturday night. Watch on Youtube or our website when it fits into your schedule or watch it with the other church people at 10am Sunday on Facebook. Let us know how we can help and pray for you.

Please connect with others in the church family and community during the week. The church from home video episodes will be removed after a few days but the sermon audio will stay available as an audio podcast.

  • Watch on Youtube whenever it is convenient for you (and your family). You can pause, speed up/slow down and skip around the video. It’s also easy to watch as a group on your Internet Connected TV and to share the video with others.

  • Wait and Watch with us 10am Sunday Facebook Premier and we will be there if you want to chat. You might need to scroll down the page to find the video. (Invite friends and have a viewing party). The video will be available on Facebook for a week.

You can watch the video here on our website without the distractions of advertising or social media. You can easily download if you click the downward arrow on the top right of video box. Usually uploaded by 6pm Saturday nights.

Please share your prayer requests and support this ministry

Sing Along Worship Song Youtube Playlist:

  • A few well known easy to sing worship songs if you want to add a simple singing time to your church at home experience. Also links to kids videos.

Kids Church at Home:

The LifeKids team hit the studio and created full-length video services that include worship, a message, interactive elements, discussion time, and more! With their help we’ll have complete plug-and-play videos for ages two through 6th grade ready for you each week, at least through Easter. There are full-length service videos from the pular Bible App for Kids units, Crosstown, Konnect, and Loop age groups.

Audio of Past Messages:

The CLUE to hearing Jesus tell you Well Done! River Rock Church

Pastor Chris Teien shares an encouraging message about investing your life wisely so when all is said and done you will be commended and rewarded by Jesus. The Bible gives us a CLUE so Jesus return and the fact that we will all stand before Him to give an account of our lives won't take us by surprise.Support the show (
  1. The CLUE to hearing Jesus tell you Well Done!
  2. Playing a New Game: How do we move forward?
  3. Our Need to Find, Live and Share Hope
  4. Sowing a Life of Significance
  5. When the Lord is my Shepherd I find Peace, Rest, Strength and Direction
  • Click below to Listen on multiple services (coming later today)

please email if something isn’t working right

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