Sept 13th – Earthly Practices with Promises of Heavenly Rewards (Church at Home)

For now the COVID-19 crisis continues to keeping some of us from all gathering together for church and we look forward to the day when we will all meet together again.

Here are Kids Ministry Resources and and a pre-recorded sermon video if you are unable to meet with us in person for church. This sermon video and the live message are similar but not exactly the same so you would still benefit if you watch it and still come to River Rock’s church service Sunday at 10am.

Outdoor Church Service

We are meeting outside 10-10:45am Sundays in Belle Plaine – check the home page of this website to see location that will be announced by 9am Sunday one hour before the 10am service. We are going to try to find a park shelter but they can’t be reserved right now. We are also pre-recording the sermon video and audio during this Covid-19 season for those of you that can’t come or won’t come on Sunday. We would love to see you on Sunday but more than anything we want to share this weeks message with as many people as we can. Bring your own chairs.

This Weeks Message:

Sept 13th Sermon Description: Earthly Practices with Promises of Heavenly Rewards
Jesus told us to store up treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy them.  Pastor Dan Jetto shares an encouraging message from Matthew 6 about the three practices that Jesus says His Father will reward. Watch to discover how we can experience these promised rewards.

  • Watch on Youtube whenever it is convenient for you (and your family). You can pause, speed up/slow down and skip around the video. It’s also easy to watch as a group on your Internet Connected TV and to share the video with others.

  • Watch and share on Facebook You might need to scroll down the page to find the video. (Invite friends and have a viewing party).

Please share your prayer requests and support this ministry

Please connect with others in the church family and community during the week. Let us know how we can help and pray for you. Your financial support is an act of worship and helps River Rock keep moving forward.

Kids Church Resources:

The LifeKids team hit the studio and created full-length video services that include worship, a message, interactive elements, discussion time, and more! With their help we’ll have complete plug-and-play videos for ages two through 6th grade ready for you each week, at least through Easter. There are full-length service videos from the pular Bible App for Kids units, Crosstown, Konnect, and Loop age groups.

A few of the most recent messages can also be played here:

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