Oct 11th Church from Home Resources

Come to River Rock Church to learn about dealing with different types of anger and to be encouraged that Jesus can help us find victory over anger. We plan to meet outside if the weather cooperates. You are invited to our 10am Sunday morning outdoor/drive in service. We will also pre-record part of the message and post the video on Facebook and Youtube and post the audio online, too. Check our website at 9am Sunday to see where and how we are meeting as we currently have no spacious and safe place to meet indoors for church.

Video will be available on Facebook and YouTube 6pm Saturday Oct 10th

Here are Kids Ministry Resources and and a pre-recorded sermon video if you are unable to meet with us in person for church. This sermon video and the live message are similar but not exactly the same so you would still benefit if you watch it and still come to River Rock’s next church service.

This Weeks Message:

Oct 11th Sermon Description: Victory over Anger

People are so angry today. While the emotions that lead us to get angry are not always sinful, angry actions may lead us into sin, pain and regret. The Bible says, “In your anger do not sin” and even Jesus expressed his anger at time. Get some help with what to do when we get angry, why we get angry and ways to stop being angry.

We will pre-record part of the message and put video on Facebook and Youtube and the audio on all the podcast services we are on.

  • Watch on Youtube whenever it is convenient for you (and your family). You can pause, speed up/slow down and skip around the video. It’s also easy to watch as a group on your Internet Connected TV and to share the video with others. We made a playlist of over 70 singalong songs for you to choose from instead of selecting a few each week.
  • Watch and share on Facebook You might need to scroll down the page to find the video. (Invite friends and have a viewing party).

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Please connect with others in the church family and community during the week. Let us know how we can help and pray for you. Your financial support is an act of worship and helps River Rock keep moving forward.

Kids Church Resources:

The LifeKids team hit the studio and created full-length video services that include worship, a message, interactive elements, discussion time, and more! With their help we’ll have complete plug-and-play videos for ages two through 6th grade ready for you each week, at least through Easter. There are full-length service videos from the pular Bible App for Kids units, Crosstown, Konnect, and Loop age groups.

A few of the most recent messages can also be played here:

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Jesus, in Matthew chapter 7, makes a rather sobering statement about people who appeared to be doing wonderful things in His name, but when it comes time for judgment He says they will never enter the kingdom of heaven, because He never “knew them.”  Watch and learn how we can be known by Jesus and share eternity with Him, how we can truly be known by God. Pastor Dan Jetto  River Rock Church Belle Plaine, MNSupport the show (https://riverrockchurch.com/Give)
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