Church Land and Building

We own 10 acres of land on Highway 169 and are looking to build as God provides the resources

River Rock Land and Future Building

River Rock desires to build a multipurpose church facility in the future. We realize that church is about people, not about buildings. We also realize the benefits to having our own building to use whenever needed. So far God has blessed us with 10 acres of land on Highway 169 and Belle Plaine Trail directly across the highway from Oak Crest Elementary School. We are prayerfully waiting on God to provide the resources we need to build a church building to better need the needs of our church and the community.

River Rock Land Map

If you feel led to donate money or resources to this church building project, please contact the church office and/or you can click on the GIVE link above.

Providing funds and resources to build churches is a great way to glorify God and leave a legacy!

Buildling Fund