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Empowered by the Living and Active Word of God 01/14/2019

If you want to enjoy life and fulfill God’s purpose you need to be empowered by God’s living and active Word. As you read the Bible you can work to discover the treasures and wisdom it is ready to reveal to you. Be encouraged to dig into God’s Word and experience God speaking into your life giving you resources to make an eternal difference in the world. Pastor Chris Teien

Following Jesus Boldly 01/06/2019

Is it time to commit or recommit your life to fully following Jesus? He offers a chance for you to start over and live a life of purpose and meaning. Don’t let the stuff the world offers get in the way and don’t be discouraged that Jesus followers you will serve alongside are less than perfect. Imagine how your life would be different if you boldly followed Jesus today. Following Jesus may be the most successful thing you do in this life.

Starting Over: The God of “nth” Chances 12/31/2018

In mathematics “n” is often used to represent any number – when one talks of something to the “nth degree” they are referring to an infinitely large degree.  At the end of John’s Gospel we find Peter in a private conversation with Jesus.  It is the third time Jesus has shown himself to the disciples.  He doesn’t chastise Peter for His failure.  He doesn’t punish him, but He asks Peter, “Do you love me”  three times.   Come and learn about our gracious and merciful Savior, and how He is not focused on our failures but our His relationship with us, and our mission.  The new year is a great time to start over with Jesus, even if we are walking strong.

The One Gift that Lasts Forever brings Joy to the World 12/24/2018

Jesus is a gift that just keeps giving! He has left one gift that lasts forever – have you received it? This gift may not always bring temporary happiness but it can fill you with the Joy of the Lord. Some wise men traveled from afar to visit baby Jesus and Simeon waited his whole life to see Jesus because they knew we needed this gift. The Apostle John wrote things down in his epistle so that we could know that we have this gift. Listen and be encouraged to unwrap and celebrate the true gift of Christmas.

Have Joyful Faith like the Shepherds 12/17/2018

Why did God choose to send the Angels to announce Christ’s birth to the shepherds? How can we find joy in life like the shepherds had when they heard the awesome news about Jesus? Listen and be encourages to have joyful faith like the shepherds. Guest speaker Elliot Wiens.

Joy through Serving Like Joseph and Mary 12/09/2018

God often chooses to use People instead of Angels to accomplish His will. Two of the greatest servants were Joseph and Mary who were willing and prepared to be used by God to serve as Jesus parents. Listen and be encouraged to be ready and willing to experience the Joy that comes from serving the Lord by sharing the message and love of Jesus with others.

A Simple Strategy to Experience More Joy 12/03/2018

Joy is better than happiness. Wrong priorities and distractions can rob you from the joy God wants you to experience. Listen to this short audio message and be encouraged with a simple and memorable year-round strategy to experience more joy in your life.

Trusting in Gods Perfect Timing 11/26/2018

From the very beginning God has been working out His plan including sending Jesus to be with us at the perfect time. The Lord wants you to experience joy and fulfillment as you follow His lead and live out His plan for your life. Listen and be encouraged trust in God’s perfect timing.

Persisting in Prayer even when you Mess Up 11/11/2018

Sometimes living the Christian life seems so difficult as we are learning how God desires us to act and we are growing in our relationship with the Lord yet we keep messing up. When Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray He taught them: “…and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us. And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.” Matthew 6:12-13. God knows we struggle to do what is right and we need help to get the victory in the spiritual battle we daily endure and He offers forgiveness and grace through prayer.  Listen and be encouraged to keep Persisting in Prayer even when you Mess Up. 

Getting things from God through Prayer 11/04/2018

Some only pray to ask God for their wish-list while others spend time praying for others but think it’s selfish to pray for their own needs and wants. When Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray He taught them to pray for “daily bread” and gave us other keys to receiving what we ask for in prayer.  Listen and be encouraged to get things from God through prayer. 

Seeking Gods Presence and Will through Prayer 10/28/2018

Listen and be encouraged to pursue the Father’s will as you pray expectantly and pray more effectively being guided by the Lords prayer “This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:9-10.  

Running to Pray to The Father in Heaven 10/21/2018

When Jesus instructed his disciples how to pray, He revealed three amazing things about prayer: 1) God is not everyone’s Heavenly Father 2) God knows but you still need to ask and 3) You can address your prayers to the God of the Universe with “Our Father.”  “… your Father knows what you need before you ask him.  “This, then, is how you should pray:”‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name”…Matthew 6:8-9. Powerful prayers are based on true faith in the Lord who cares about us and wants to provide our every need. Listen and be encouraged to grow in your faith and go deeper in prayer.

Fulfilling God’s Purpose through Proper Praying 10/14/2018

In Matthew 6:6 Jesus says, “When you Pray” and then he give some guidelines and promises to get us started. We will look at the importance of conversing with God through true prayer and not just vainly repeating memorized prayers and see how prayer helps fulfill God’s purpose in our lives when we pray properly. Listen and be encouraged to invest in prayer and enjoy the power and provision it brings. 

Enjoying Hope in Eternity Now 10/07/2018

The hymn “Great is thy Faithfulness” has an encouraging line that says we have “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow” and the greatest hope a Christian has is living for all eternity with Jesus and  we are going to look at what the Bible promises us about our eternal hope. If we are confident in our future we will make the right choices today. If we know there are better days ahead we will have the hope we need to get us through the difficulties we are experiencing now. Christ-followers should have peace and confident assurance that their future is secure in Jesus. Listen and hear how you can enjoy the hope you have in eternity right now. 

Bringing Hope to Work and School 09/30/2018

When God created us He provided the opportunity to work as a gift. Sometimes school or our jobs seem more like punishment than a place to make a difference in the world but God sees our heart attitudes and the actual work we accomplish and He will reward us for a job well done. The Bible even says we are to work as if we are working for the Lord – even when the boss or teacher can’t see us. Work and school is a great place to show and share your hope in Christ. Listen and be encouraged to work and study well while you look for opportunities to bring hope to the people around you.

Finding Hope in Christian Community through Life Groups 09/23/2018

In today’s world we are finding more and more that people have acquaintances and not close friends. If you long to be connected to others, in caring relationships, with those who will support you in your trials and to become the person Jesus wants you to be, listen and learn how you can find hope in Christian community. Pastor Dan gives you a preview of a Life Group using material from Right Now Media and encourages you to participate.

Giving Hope for Complicated Relationships 09/16/2018

The Bible is full of wisdom to help us endure complicated relationships. In Colossians chapters 3 and 4 we are given proactive instructions on how to live wisely among friends, family, coworkers and others we interact with every day. Listen and be encouraged to honor God by the way you treat others, understand the four pillars of relationships and see how you can give hope to hurting people around you.

Bring Hope to all the Children 09/09/2018

Since the children matter to Jesus, they should matter to us. Whether they are your kids or someone else’s kids our future really is in the hands of the children so let’s do all we can to bless the children, give them hope, help them connect to Christ and grow in faith. Click here for links to resources

Discovering Hope in this New Season 09/02/2018

Be inspired by God’s Word to experience and share hope this new season. God created time and seasons for our benefit and enjoyment and there are many great opportunities for us these coming months. Listen and… #1 Be encouraged to understand the difference between faith and hope #2 Develop a strategy to live a WELL Live in the coming new seasons #3 Commit to Following and Trusting God during the challenging seasons of life.

Power to Be Bold Because Christ Opens Doors 08/26/2018

In the book of Acts we see the Apostles thrown into jail for preaching the Gospel. Then an angel comes and opens the prison doors telling the Apostles to get back out there and keep telling everyone about this New Life in Christ. With Bold faith you may suffer opposition, but you can have confidence that Christ can open doors and even do miracles in your life. Listen and be encouraged that Christ can open doors and give you more resources than you realize to accomplish all He has called you to do.

Power to be Bold Because Christ Speaks Through Us 08/19/2018  

We speak boldly about what we believe deeply and we receive Power and Authority when we are walking with Jesus. We are led by the Lord and empowered by the Holy Spirit to encourage and correct ourselves and others. We are motivated to lead people toward Christ and pray for opportunities to make an eternal difference. Listen and be encouraged to have bold speech for your good and God’s glory.

Power to be Bold because Christ Answers Prayer 08/12/2018  

How can you become more bold to fulfill God’s purpose for your life? Listen and be encouraged to become empowered in your faith and the way you pray so that others around you will be forever blessed by your boldness for Christ.

Power to be Bold because Christ is at Work 08/05/2018  

The Gospel is Good News and The Good News is the Gospel! All that Jesus has done for us should make us bold and the Holy Spirit Empowers us and Equips us to be effective. In the book Acts Peter and John proclaim Jesus and many get saved, then they heal a crippled beggar and even their enemies are amazed at their boldness. Listen and be encouraged to live Bold lives.

Becoming Love: a double entendre 07/29/2018  

In the parable of the ”Good Samaritan” we see a picture of what Jesus considers fulfilling the second of the two greatest commandments – Loving our Neighbors as ourselves. Listen as we open this passage and learn how we can become, like the good Samaritan. Be encouraged and grasp how we can become love, and love in a becoming manner.

Help for the Christian Family 07/22/2018  

This summer we are going through the book of Colossians and this week we start the section on relationships. This is going to be a great Sunday for parents and grandparents! We all need to be supportive of marriage, parenting and kids and do all we can to help them all succeed. Come to River Rock Church this Sunday to be encouraged in your faith and to get equipped with resources to enable you to help the Christian family.

Gods Guide to a Life WELL Lived 07/15/2018  

Most of us want to serve the Lord and have our lives count, making a difference now and enjoying the rewards for all eternity. A lot of times we just can’t figure out what to do but this Sunday we will see some very practical ways we can honor the Lord, grow in our faith, enjoy life more and serve others from Colossians chapter 3:15-17. Be encouraged to live your life well and gain some helpful resources.

Motivation to Live a Holy Lifestyle 07/08/2018  

In Colossians 3 we are told that God has chosen us to be the holy people He loves and then shows us how we can live a life that honors Him, helps others and leads to peace. Come be encouraged to live the life Jesus made possible through His sacrifice to remove our sin and through the sanctifying and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Heavenly Minded yet Earthly Good 07/01/2018  

For Christ-followers this life is temporary and Heaven is our eternal reward. We are told to “Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God.” (Colossians 3:2-3 NLT). Yet that doesn’t mean we check out of this life today and coast along to the end. There is an old saying, “He/she was So Heavenly Minded that he/she was No Earthly Good.” When you fully comprehend the realities of Heaven that are reserved for those people who come to Jesus, it motivates you to want to bring as many people as you can to Heaven with you and gives hope to anchor you during the storms of life.

Set Free from Legalism to Live Fully in Christ 06/24/2018  

Discover why the Apostle Paul, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, warned us against following a list of rules to try to be right with God. Some people find it more appealing to try to follow a strict list of rules or the LAW to attempt to show they are deeply religious. Other people say that since Christ paid for the sins on the cross of those who would believe on Him we have LICENSE to do whatever they want. But better than LAW or LICENSE is to commit to following the Lord and trying to do what HE desires out of LOVE. This will be a great Sunday to be encouraged to enjoy the grace and freedom Jesus provides for us and to follow His plan for a life that brings eternal significance and enjoyment.

Some Assembly Required to Build Strong Faith 06/17/2018  

We need to take the materials God gives us and use them to build up Wisdom, Knowledge and Strong Faith. Listen and be encouraged from the Bible book of Colossians 2:1-7 to grow in your faith and help others grow in their faith. We need to be building Strong Faith with an Attitude of Love and Encouragement and a Confident Skill level. We have support Available through Christ’s Wisdom and Knowledge and need to be committed to Do what’s Right and Follow Instructions. If we build on a Secure Foundation our reward will be Lives Built on Christ Overflowing with Thankfulness.

The Event that Changed Everything 06/10/2018  

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is an event that changed all history for all time. His death on the cross was the payment for our sins, but initially it left His 12 disciples trembling in fear for their own lives. But three days later the stone was blown away, and so was the world, beginning with the disciples. From fear and hiding, came courage and boldness, out of deep sorrow and crippling despair came an overpowering hope and joy. From 12 disciples, to millions of followers. Come and find the strength that comes from being united in Christ in His resurrection, experience His resurrection power. Listen and find boldness in the knowledge that in Him we can experience more than our hearts could imagine.

The Power of Delight 06/03/2018  

One of the most encouraging verses in the Bible is Psalm 37:4 “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.” We all would love God to give us the desires of our heart so what exactly does it mean to “Delight in the Lord” and how can we actually do that?  Listen and be encouraged to pursue our Loving Savior and enjoy His provision and adventures in your life.

The Bold Secret to Unleashing your Faith 05/27/2018  

What can you do to make your Christian life exciting and significant? The Apostle Paul gives us direction in the first chapter of his letter to the Colossians. Listen and be encouraged to be bold and active in the ministry God has for you.

Jesus Can Rescue You 05/20/2018  

When you feel overwhelmed by the darkness – Jesus can Rescue You. When you think there is no hope and it’s time to give up – Jesus can Rescue You. When you feel unloved and far away from God – Jesus can Rescue You. When you feel like you will never be good enough to be forgiven and accepted by God – Jesus can Rescue You. If you’ve already been rescued by Jesus maybe it’s time to help rescue others. Listen and be encouraged that Jesus is the perfect One to rescue us and give us a better life.

How Moms Make a Difference 05/13/2018  

We look at some encouraging moms found in the Bible and show how influential a mother can be. We know some have lost their mothers, never had a mother, don’t feel they are good mothers, lost a child, always wanted to be a mom but it hasn’t worked or have other things in their life that make Mother’s Day sad but listen and we will give hope and help for that, too. (Includes Mom Goggles 2 video from the Skit Guys

Lives that Produce Summer Fruit 05/06/2018  

We live in the Minnesota River Valley surrounded by farms and apple orchards and we see all the work the farmers do through all four of our fully distinct seasons. After the fruit is picked at the end of summer there is work to do during the windy fall, cold winter, the wet spring and the hot summer until it’s harvest time again. Producing high quality fruit can require great strategy and lots of labor. The Bible teaches Christ-followers to plant seeds and bear fruit to make a difference in others lives. The best news is it’s not all up to us since the Holy Spirit produces spiritual fruit in our lives as we let Him work. Listen and hear about ways we can live more effectively so that we can spread more seed to produce spiritual fruit this summer.

Learning to Walk on Water 04/29/2018  

Before Peter left the boat to walk on water with Jesus, Jesus gave three commands and an invitation. Can you imagine the excitement in Peter’s heart when he actually began walking on water? Accomplishing something that is humanly impossible! Come and join us and began realizing the amazing things we can accomplish if we will heed the commands and respond to the invitation Jesus gives each of us as we explore the riches of this miraculous described in the 14th chapter of Matthew’s Gospel.

The Confidence of The Faithful 04/22/2018  

Grow deeper in faith and make a greater impact on the world around us for Christ. Listen and be encouraged to be more confident of your faith in Christ and even more faithful to serve Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. Confident Because the Faithful are Secure in and Share: #1 Community Faith (1:1-2) #2 Saving Faith (1:3-4) #3 Eternal Hope (1:5-6) #4 Christian Love (1:7-8)

The God of Hope 04/08/2018  

No matter how challenging life gets we can have great hope in Christ. Listen to this encouraging message from guest speaker and Crown College student Elliot Wiens.

Jesus has Risen: Come See and Go Tell 04/01/2018  

Be encouraged to Come See and Go Tell this timeless truth we proclaimed on Easter Sunday from Matthew 28:6-7 (NLT): “He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying. And now, go quickly and tell his disciples that he has risen from the dead, and he is going ahead of you to Galilee. You will see him there. Remember what I have told you.”

Following Jesus the Coming King 03/25/2018  

We are eternally grateful that Jesus chose to ride into Jerusalem knowing full well that by the end of the week he would be crucified – the perfect sacrifice for our sins. We celebrate that Jesus died and rose again this Easter Season. Jesus isn’t just our Savior but He is our coming King. Someday He will return and those of us who have followed Jesus as Lord will be with Him for all eternity which means no matter what you are going through the best is yet to come. Listen and be encouraged to live life in a way that will be rewarded by the Coming King and be reminded of the Bible based promises that He is coming soon.

Rewarded through His Abundant Supply 03/18/2018  

Every one of us go through this life with wants and needs, hopes and dreams, requirements and opportunities. The Bible has a lot to say about the ways that God can provide for us and shows reasons why we may not be getting all we desire. Listen and be encouraged to seek the Lord for your every need and start to experience His Abundant Supply. Philippians 4:10-20

Did you Mess Up? It’s Time to Restart 03/11/2018

Have you ever played a video game and when things weren’t working out as you hoped you just hit the RESTART button and tried again? Did you know Jesus made it possible for us to get a new start in life? Did you know that living the Christian life is hard but when you mess up you can get a restart? No matter how big of a mess you or your friends life is right now it’s not over yet but maybe time to hit the restart button. Be encouraged to start again and be equipped to help others start over. It’s time to let go of the past and move forward into the future living the life God created you to experience.

Awaiting His Arrival – Are you Ready for Jesus to Return? 03/04/2018

The Bible instructs us to observe the Lord’s Supper until Jesus returns: “For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.” 1 Corinthians 11:26 (CSB). The Old Testament prophecies Jesus will return and reign, Jesus told many that He would return, the Angels said Jesus would return the same way He ascended into Heaven, and the New Testament has a lot to say about Jesus return. Are you awaiting His arrival? Be encouraged this Sunday to live your life remembering and preparing for Jesus to come back.

Finding the Adventurous Life as Treasure Hunters 02/25/2018

Jesus shared two parables of people who found such great treasures that they gave up everything else to hold them. Many people are looking for that one thing that will forever excite them. Listen as we explore a treasure that is beyond measure, whose riches never end and one which never fades.

A Prophetic Plea to be Authentic 02/18/2018

Live a life that truly honors God as you are led by the Holy Spirit while always being genuine and discerning. The Bible says, “Don’t stifle the Spirit. Don’t despise prophecies” in 1 Thessalonians 5:19-20. Be encouraged to rely on Scripture and the Holy Spirit to understand and evaluate prophecies to be sure they are authentic and not counterfeit.

Love Poured Out for You 02/11/2018

We all want to be loved and while the Bible has a lot to say about God’s love it can be hard for us to truly comprehend. Many people struggle with understanding what love is and how could God really love them. Listen and be encouraged to pursue God who loves you and wants you to be in His family for all eternity – and to share His perfect love with others in your life. 

Church the Assembly of the Faithful 01/28/2018

Sometimes we take church for granted but Jesus sees the church as His beloved bride. There is great Spiritual value and life-giving power in the local and universal church. We are in a spiritual battle and our enemy will do all he can to destroy church and hinder us from participating. The church in not a building but it is the Assembly of the Faithful. Be encouraged to be actively involved in a local church for your growth and the good of others.

Life is Sacred Cherish it 01/21/2018

God gives life and expects us to protect and cherish it. The National Right to Life group estimates that 60 million babies were aborted since 1973 and there are probably friends among us that made that choice or had that choice made for them. Sometimes fear, poor advice or a faith-less world view can lead to destructive life choices. God has a plan for the way we are to care for people from the cradle to the grave. Jesus offers forgiveness for those who have made the wrong choice. Be encouraged that He can help you and enable you to help others experience new life and protect the lives of others.

The New You – Living the Life in The Power Jesus Gives Us 01/14/2018

When we become Christ followers, we are re-created by Jesus. Listen and learn about the new you and the power and freedom available to us in Christ.

When You Feel Unworthy to Follow Jesus 01/07/2018

Of all the people Jesus could have chosen to be one of his disciples, He chose Levi (Matthew) a despicable outcast no rabbi would put on his team. As a tax collector for the Roman government, Levi was considered an untrustworthy traitor, yet Jesus gave him the opportunity of a lifetime to follow him. What did Jesus mean when He said, “Follow Me”? And how are we supposed to follow Jesus the way He desires? And if fully devoted followers are disciples, then how we are to become disciples that disciple others? Be encouraged to fully follow Jesus and experience the abundant life He offers you even if others don’t think you measure up.

New Hope for this New Year 12/31/2017

As you approach this New Year start it out with New Hope. Be encouraged to recommit your life to living for Jesus. Be more successful at achieving your goals and make an eternal difference in your life and the lives around you. 

The True meaning of Christmas 12/24/2017

Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas – our relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior. One of the best ways to understand the importance of Jesus is to consider what we would have missed out on if He had never been born.

Experiencing the Prince of Peace 12/17/2017

If you could get the perfect gift for everyone this Christmas what would it be? How about helping them connect to the source of peace with God, peace with others and peace with ourselves? Isaiah foretold almost 800 years in advance that Jesus the Messiah would be the Prince of Peace. Be encouraged to experience and share Jesus the Prince of Peace

His Name Shall be Called – Jesus will Answer 12/10/2017

He shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father Be encouraged to purse Jesus and quickly get back up when you fall. Jesus is all prophesied is Isaiah 9:6: He is our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father. Jesus fully delivers.

Jesus Wonderful Counselor 12/03/2017

A brief message following the kids Christmas program to encourage you to share your troubles, hope, desires and fears with Jesus.

The Rewards of Focusing on the Eternal 11/26/2017

Live your life on purpose as you make choices that show your confidence that you are now and will be rewarded as you focus on eternal value, vision and vocation. Your money and possessions are tools to used to glorify God and accomplish His plans for your lifetime.

Rewards of Living a Thank-Filled Life 11/19/2017

Living a thank-filled life has amazing benefits and rewards. In just five short verses Psalm 100 shows us how to worship God through being thankful. Includes the song “Different” and faith testimony by Micah Tyler (used here with his permission).

CAMA Services – Joining Hands to Reach a Hurting World 11/12/2017

Mike Sohm President CAMA (Care and Mercy Associates) Services shares how God has worked in his life and encourages us to Be the Gospel, Do the Gospel and Speak the Gospel as we join hands to reach a hurting world. CAMA is the worldwide relief arm of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Finding Unity in a Divided World 11/05/2017  

Discover how we can as people of diverse backgrounds, situations, personalities and even favorite sports teams can experience unity in an increasingly divided world

Search Me? Psalm 139 in Real Life 10/29/2017  

Be encouraged when you listen to Search Me – Psalm 139 in Real Life. #1 Lord, You KNOW Me #2 Lord, You are WITH Me #3 Lord, You know the PLAN and PURPOSE for my Life #4 Lord, You are Invited to SHOW me how to Live my Life.

Rewards of Working for a Greater Harvest 10/22/2017  

Listen and be encouraged to live a rewarding life as you plant seeds for a greater harvest and make an eternal difference. Our lives can be consumed by the tyranny of the urgent and the trap of the rat race unless we purposefully pursue the life God desires for us.

Where True Friends Take Us 10/15/2017  

Be encouraged as we look at a group of men who would do anything to help their crippled friend find healing at the feet of Jesus. Learn how we can find and become friends like these, as we look at the unconventional means they used, and experience the joy beyond expectations they experienced.

Power through Encouraging One Another 10/08/2017  

There are a lot of discouraged people out there – maybe you are one of them – that just feel defeated and powerless. The Bible says, “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Like a high speed cell phone charger, your encouraging words and actions can recharge people around and refresh you at the same time. Listen and be encouraged this Sunday as we look at practical ways we can encourage one another

Satisfaction from Carrying One Anothers Burdens 10/01/2017  

God gives Christians the responsibility and privilege of carrying one anothers burdens and that often results in personal satisfaction and joy. But we must be careful to check our motives and attitude while being careful not to be tempted to sin. Listen and be encouraged to help others while serving Jesus.

Freedom through Forgiving One Another 09/24/2017  

Most of us are quick to admit we have needed to be forgiven and that it is helpful to forgive others, but how can we forgive those who have hurt us so much? In Ephesians 4:32 the Bible says, “…be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.” We need God’s forgiveness to set us free from sin and bring us into a close relationship with Christ. We need God’s power in our lives to have the strength and compassion to forgive others the same way God can forgive us. Be encouraged to live a life full of faith, hope, love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Rewards from being Patient and Kind to One Another 09/17/2017  

The Bible repeatedly tell Christians to be Patient and Kind to each other and then gives great examples for us to learn from. Hear how to put this wisdom into practice to be more effective serving God and being a leader at work, school and your community.

How can we really Love One Another? 09/10/2017  

How can we truly Love one another and why did Jesus say it was so important? Why is being part of a local church so important? Listen and be encouraged to experience God through loving one another. Matthew 13:34-35.

Overcoming Discouragement 09/03/2017  

Have you ever wanted to just give up? Felt like it would be so much easier if I coasted through life rather than strive to do what is right? In Galatians 6:9 Paul writes, “Let us not get tired of doing good…” Come and learn some of the reasons that we get discouraged in our pursuit of good and learn how we can defeat the darkness it brings, bursting through into the light of victory and joy.

Faith Race – Run to Win! 08/27/2017  

The Bible says our Christian life is like a race and then gives us strategy to finish well. It also teaches us to remember those who have run the race before us, especially Jesus who is the champion we should stay focused on. Be encouraged to live a life that matters without getting tripped up or giving to enjoy the rewards. From Hebrews 12:1-3

Relying on God for the Victory you Need – Faith Hero Gideon 08/13/2017  

God sent an angel to motivate Gideon to act against ungodliness and lead his people to fight for their freedom. Gideon wasn’t so sure at first so he set out a fleece to get some assurance – then he had a enough faith to still lead after God reduced his army from over 32,000 down to only 300 and still experienced victory. Gideon wasn’t perfect but he is still listed among the Heroes of the faith. Be encouraged to trust God to work through you even when the odds are against you. (Heb. 11:32) (This audio recording has some interference and distortion issues)

Leaving the Past Behind – Faith Hero Rahab 08/06/2017  

Rahab had to act on her beliefs, turn her back on her people, proclaim her faith to be saved from death. The results were the rescuing of her extended family, living a new life following God and a marriage that would lead her to become Jesus great, great, great… grandma. Just like Rahab was able to put her past as a prostitute behind her and live a new life, we too can be forgiven of our past and live a new life in Jesus. Listen and be encouraged by Rahab a hero of the faith (Hebrews 11:31; Joshua 2 & 6) Also, hear the faith story of a prostitute finding new life in Jesus at

Courage to Lead – Faith Hero Joshua 07/30/2017  

God specifically told Joshua to be strong and courageous and to follow His perfect plan to be successful. Be encouraged to live with courage and conquer your fears as you walk with the Lord.

Choosing to Trust God – Faith Hero Moses 07/23/2017  

Every day we are faced with choices that can define who we are, where we end up and the impact of the lives we have lived. Be encouraged by the life of Moses and his parents choosing to Trust God – from Hebrews 11:23-29

Cultivating a Healthy Heart 07/16/2017  

There are some occupations that require a physical before hire to ensure that a person is healthy enough and capable of handling the physical requirements of the work environment. Some of these physicals will require an EKG – an Electrocardiogram – that is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. Mark, in his Gospel, records a parable of Jesus that is in essence a description of a spiritual EKG. Be encouraged and learn how we can make sure our spiritual hearts are functioning as desired by our Creator, and Lord, Jesus. “Cultivating a Healthy Heart” from Mark 4:1-20.

Overcoming Hardships – Faith Hero Joseph 07/09/2017  

Be Encouraged to have Heroic Faith Like Joseph in the Old Testament. #1 Accept Your Position – Even If You are Not Most Important #2 Do Your Best While You Are Waiting For God’s Plans To Unfold #3 Treat People Better Than They Deserve

Committing your Unknown Future to God – Faith Hero Jacob 07/02/2017  

Jacob at times was known to pursue the things of God while at other times he was deceiving or being deceived. Even though his life was a roller coaster of good times and bad God changed his name to Israel and greatly blessed faith hero Jacob. Be encouraged by the life of Jacob.

Pursuing Gods Promises – Faith Hero Abraham 06/25/2017  

10 Motivating and Encouraging things we can learn from Faith Hero Abraham.

When Dad lives a WELL Life 06/18/2017  

It really doesn’t take much to become a biological father but it does take commitment to be a Dad who chooses to live a WELL Life (Worshiping, Encouraging, Learning and Loving). Listen and be encouraged to live a life that blesses others.

Acting on God’s Word – Faith Hero Noah 06/11/2017  

Be inspired by Noah an amazing Hero of the Faith who preached to the people around while he built a perfectly designed ship because he listened to God’s warning that there was going to be a global flood. Listen and be encouraged to have faith like Noah. Some of the facts that will be shared about the ark and the animals are astounding.

Rewarded for Pleasing God – Faith Hero Enoch 06/04/2017  

God enjoyed Enoch so much He took him home early. An amazing story of faith in wicked times. Be encouraged to truly walk with God at all times.

Created in His image, Valued and for a Purpose 05/28/2017  

The Bible tells us we are created in the image of God, with both value and purpose. Listen and learn how we can find freedom in knowing the source of our value and significance in our purpose. Gen. 1:27, Psalm 139:13-18, Eph. 2:10, Matt. 25:14-30

Offering what God Desires – Faith Hero Abel 05/21/2017  

Hebrews 11:4 teaches us to have faith like Abel. Be encouraged to have faith to honor God’s desires and not compromise your convictions as you realize you are an example to others

Miracles through Prayer – Faith Heroes Hannah & Samuel 05/14/2017  

Hannah was least likely to be the mother of a faith hero because she was unable to have children and while her life was full of trouble and sadness she did not give up, instead she took her troubles to the Lord through prayer. Hannah had vision and faith to pray specifically for a son to be used by God and she found her joy and identity in the Lord. God rewarded her with her hearts desires and gave her Samuel who lived an eternally significant life leading Israel as a prophet, judge and kingmaker. Be encouraged to pursue God in the difficulties of life.

God Commends Great Faith 05/07/2017  

Faith is the Foundation of our Relationship with God, He notices and rewards when we show great faith. True faith leads to salvation, peace and answered prayer. “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1 Be encouraged to live out your faith. Includes faith story from a family that is more fully trusting God with their finances.

Encouraging Others to Follow Jesus – Investigating the Case for Christ 04/30/2017  

How can God use us to make an eternal difference to those all around us? Be encouraged to be salt and light and prayerfully care for your friends, coworkers and neighbors. Includes presentation from Joseph Rukavina, Director of Twin Cities Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Ready to Embrace the Truth? Investigating The Case for Christ 04/23/2017  

Have you ever come into a personal relationship with Christ or are you still somewhere along the way? How far along the way are you? Coming to faith in Christ is a process. Be encouraged to experience and grow in the truth of Christ.

The Need for the Resurrection – Investigating the Case for Christ 04/16/2017  

Why is it crucial that Jesus came back from the dead?” The Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 15:17 “And if Christ has NOT been raised, then your faith is useless and you are still guilty of your sins…” Listen and be encouraged by the evidence that Christ has conquered death and offers us eternal life.

The Struggle to Believe – Investigating The Case for Christ 04/09/2017  

Hear some reasons people struggle to believe in God, Jesus and the Bible and what you can do to help others find the true life and eternal hope they offer.

The Power of a Memory – The Last Supper 04/02/2017  

When Jesus gave us the ordinance of communion He said twice “do this in remembrance of Me”. We can find strength and inspiration by remembering the suffering, resurrection and promise of Jesus return. This message is an encouragement to remember what Christ has done for us, so that we will be motivated to live for Him and inspired to fulfill His purpose for our lives. His Cross, Our Inspiration.

How to Stay Filled and Empowered by the Holy Spirit 03/26/2017  

Be encouraged as a Christ-follower to stay filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to fill you with power to live the Christian life even when life gets difficult and to enable you to be more effective in prayer so that you can live a fulfilling life and make an eternal difference.

How to be Empowered to Serve using your Spiritual Gift 03/19/2017  

The Holy Spirit enables us to have fruitful lives and gives us all at least one spiritual gift to enable us to fulfill God’s purposes in the church and in the world. Be encouraged to unwrap your spiritual gift(s) and start using it to make an eternal difference now

How we are Empowered through the Holy Spirit 03/12/2017

Five ways the Holy Spirit gives you power to live the Christian life and to make an eternal difference in the world. Be encouraged to let your confidence be in the Holy Spirit more than your self sufficiency.

How we are Empowered to Experience a Holy Life 03/05/2017

When we commit our lives to Christ we receive the Holy Spirit who encourages, inspires, motivates and can empower us. Each day we have the choice to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading or to ignore Him and do our own thing. When we choose to listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings and serve through the Holy Spirit’s power we will experience the delightful and adventurous life God intended us to live.

The Ultimate Fishing Trip: Learning from Jonahs Mistakes 02/26/2017

Jonah made some big mistakes in his life, which led to some very uncomfortable consequences and circumstances. Come learn how a proper understanding of God and our relationship with Him can help us stay safely in the boat.

Tony and Raeni Roos – Sharing life in Christ in Paris 02/19/2017

Hear the amazing and fun story of how God worked in Tony and Raeni Roos lives to call them to serve as missionaries in Paris. An encouraging example of ancient missions for a modern world and how the Gospel spreads (Acts 8:4). They are currently teaching at Crown College before returning to Paris.

The Transforming Power of Love 02/12/2017

An encouraging reminder of how much God loves us and an example of how we can show God’s love to others. Ephesians 3:16-19

The Transforming Power of the Church 01/29/2017

God’s purpose for the local church and how we can be a part of what God wants to do in Belle Plaine, Jordan and the surrounding Minnesota River Valley

The Transforming Power of Prioritizing Fellowship 01/22/2017

I have yet to meet an adult in today’s society that is bored and has unlimited free time. In fact, I would not be surprised if most would say they are stressed because of competing obligations, frustrated, maybe even feeling lost in the chaos of activity. Listen and learn how God meets needs, fills, strengthens and gives powerful purpose in lives committed to true fellowship as described in Acts chapter 2.

The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit 01/15/2017

Experience the Holy Spirit in your Transformation process. We need the Holy Spirit to help us know and grow an effective Christian life. Jesus left us the Holy Spirit to comfort, encourage and empower us.

The Transforming Power of Salvation 01/08/2017

Jesus can forgive you, save you, change you and use you – will you let Him transform you and trust Him with your life?

An Open Door for New Opportunities 01/01/2017

Will you choose make changes in your life and walk through the open door of God enabled opportunities you have today? In this audio we list some opportunities that may help you become more effective and satisfied with your life.

Jesus is our Gift of Hope all Year Long 12/25/2016

Jesus is Celebrated at Christmas time but the Gift of Hope can be accessed and enjoyed all year long. Choose Hope instead of Fear. Listen to these Ten reasons to have hope and be encouraged and to share with others.

Experience and Share God’s Gift of Joy 12/18/2016

God gives us the gift of Joy in Jesus. We can experience and share the joy of Christ in our life and of our salvation. We can trust that God will get us through the difficulties of life as we trust and enjoy Him.

Experience and Share God’s Gift of Peace 12/11/2016

In a world of chaos, strife, and conflict, how ca we experience peace? In Luke Chapter 2 the angels sang of “peace on earth” come learn how we can both experience and be agents of peace in a troubled world.

God Gives us the Gift of Strength 11/27/2016

The Bible repeatedly shows how God gives us the gift of strength to live the Christian life and accomplish God’s purposes. Mary is a great example of having God’s strength to be Jesus mother. Be encouraged to step out in faith and expect God to strengthen you.

Thankful! I can tell others about Jesus 11/20/2016

If we are thankful we can tell others about faith, love and hope. We also passed the microphone around to let some people share what they were thankful for.

Thankful that Jesus will get me through the Storms of Life 11/13/2016

#1 Thankful that I’m not in the Dark without Jesus #2 Thankful that I don’t have to be Terrified when Jesus comes Near Me #3 Thankful that Jesus is All I Need #4 Thankful I let Jesus in & He wants to be with me #5 Thankful that Jesus will Deliver Me

Thankful for Jesus our Coming King 11/06/2016  

Someday this imperfect world will be set right when Jesus returns and we will enjoy eternity in His presence helping to accomplish His plans. Be encouraged to live your life with the return of Jesus as Coming King on your agenda.

Power for Living a WELL Life in a Sick and Dying World 10/30/2016  

Jesus proved He had power over death when he raised Lazarus from the dead and Jesus came back from the dead himself. We live in a world full of sickness and death but Jesus is the person with the plan, promise, and power to enable us to live a WELL Life in a sick and dying world. “Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.” John 11:25. Jesus also empowers us to go out and help rescue others. Be encouraged to live the eternal and full life Jesus offers.

Redeeming Marriage and Singleness 10/23/2016  

One of the biggest relationships in life is marriage and it is not God’s will for every person to be married. The Apostle Paul writes that is actually better to never marry and be more committed to serving God unless that’s not your gift – then he write it’s better for those people to marry. Be encouraged to honor Biblical marriage and singleness. We will look at how God wants us to redeem those relationships and enjoy them as He created them to be.

See the Harvest Seize the Treasure 10/16/2016  

Be encouraged to see the lost as Jesus does, with eyes of compassion and as people who deserve to be placed securely in His arms for eternity. Matthew 9:35-37

Friends and Family – Redeeming Relationships 10/09/2016  

We are born into family relationships, we move into neighborhood relationships, we have many types of friendships and they can be a burden or a blessing in our lives. Be encouraged to see what the Bible says about enjoying and enduring relationships and even setting friendship boundaries as you seek to glorify God and live the Christian life.

Your Personal Relationship with God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit 10/02/2016  

Be encouraged to walk in a closer relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

How to Overcome the Challenges of Work – Redeeming your Work Part 3 09/25/2016  

God created us to be workers and our jobs can bring us many benefits and enjoyable experiences. Whether your work is onsite, at home or you do school-work you will face opportunities and difficulties with the work at hand and with your coworkers/classmates. Work comes with many challenges that can consume us or make us more reliant on God. Be encouraged to find freedom from destructive people-pleasing and crippling workaholism.

Enjoy and Have Fun Working – Redeeming your Work Part 2 09/18/2016  

See how you can enjoy work more and how God intends you to have fun. Listen to part 1 here:

Be a Hero at Work – Redeeming your Work Part 1 09/11/2016  

See how you can be a Hero at work and how God uses your work to make a difference in people’s lives. listen to part 2 here:

Living Victoriously When We are Victimized 09/04/2016  

How can I live victorious when being victimized? Come and hear how Joseph, Jesus, Paul & Silas did it and how we can do the same in situations when most people would give up all hope.

Redeeming your Past – Part 2 08/28/2016  

It seems like everyone has something regretful or painful in their past. Our past can affect our future and the choices we make every day. For some people the past is a burdensome anchor that keeps them from moving confidently forward to greater things. Our past can also affect our relationship with God. Whatever your shame, guilt, regret or remorse Jesus offers to set you free and give you a new life Listen to Part 1 here:

Redeeming your Past – Part 1 08/21/2016  

It seems like everyone has something regretful or painful in their past. Our past can affect our future and the choices we make every day. For some people the past is a burdensome anchor that keeps them from moving confidently forward to greater things. Our past can also affect our relationship with God. Whatever your shame, guilt, regret or remorse Jesus offers to set you free and give you a new life. Listen to Part 2 here:

Redeeming Your Time 08/14/2016  

Hear how Time is Treasure – Investment – Measured – Eternal and be encouraged to redeem Your time wisely because the days are evil.

Pure Heart, Clean Conscience, Genuine Faith 08/07/2016  

In 1 Timothy Paul writes to a young pastor about a Pastor’s hearts desire for his people. What God truly wants of His followers. It is not heads filled with esoteric knowledge, the ability to out argue any unbeliever, but those whose love is guided by pure hearts, clear consciences, and genuine faith. It is people living WELL lives. Let’s gather together and learn how we can grow in these attributes.

Saved from What? 07/31/2016  

Be reminded of what we are saved from and inspired by what we are saved to. And if you’re not saved, find out what you are missing out on. Jesus said, “Yes, I am the gate. Those who come in through me will be saved. They will come and go freely and will find good pastures.” – John 10:9.

Share Your Story 07/24/2016  

The Samaritan woman shared her story and led people to Jesus in John 4:42. Get equipped to more effectively share your story and be encouraged to connect with people who need to hear.

What’s Your Story? 07/17/2016  

Every day we hear stories of people struggling through all sorts of issues in life and we are inspired by their stories of overcoming them. We share our story with others through our words and our actions. The greatest story to learn and to share is His story – the Biblical account of Jesus Christ and all He offers us today. What’s your story? Be encouraged to confidently share your story and make an eternal difference in the world. Video Clip 1: How Not to Share your Faith Video Clip 2: How to Share your Faith

Jesus is Greater Than 07/10/2016  

“Jesus is Greater than______” He is greater than your sin, your situations, your selfish desires and more. “He has come from above and is greater than anyone else. We are of the earth, and we speak of earthly things, but he has come from heaven and is greater than anyone else. John 3:31 Be encouraged to live for and share Jesus as you trust Him for all you need.

Prayerfully In-Dependent on God 07/03/2016  

Be encouraged to grow closer to God and make a difference in the world through prayer. Resources used from Prayer list at

The Moment that Changes your Life Forever 06/26/2016  

Have you Experienced the Moment that Changes your Life Forever? The two greatest moments of your life are the day you are born and the moment you are born again. Jesus made it clear that there is eternal spiritual life and He shows us the way to experience it (John 3)

What the Father Really Wants From You 06/19/2016  

The Heavenly Father wants to you to worship Him wherever you are in Spirit and in Truth and we honor look at the thing He says He wants most from us. We will also look at the relationship strategy that will help us all be most effective and successful in this life. Be encouraged to live as God intended as you seek to serve and please Him for your good and God’s glory. John 4:23-34

How to Experience a Rewarding Harvest 06/12/2016  

Jesus encourages us how to harvest souls around us #10 Jesus Had a Plan (JN 4:1-6) #9 Jesus Broke up the Soil (JN 4:7-12) #8 Jesus Planted the Seeds (JN 4:13-15) #7 Jesus Identifies Weeds in her Life (JN 4:16-20) #6 Jesus Answers Her Questions with Refreshing Hope and Truth (JN 4:21-24) #5 Jesus Sees the Immediate Response (JN 4:25-30) #4 Jesus showed how we are energized by doing God’s will and work (JN 4:31-34) #3 Jesus Rewards Us for Planting and Harvesting (JN 4:35-38) #2 Jesus Used the imperfect Woman to bring in a great Harvest (JN 4:39-42) #1 Jesus is Looking to You to Plant Seed and Bring in the Harvest

Don’t Miss Out on Experiencing Gods Justice, Mercy & Love 06/05/2016  

Are you ready to die and stand before Jesus? There is no guarantee you have another tomorrow – now is the time follow Christ. Be encouraged to fully experience God’s love in your life and urgently share this good news with others. In John Chapter 5 we are forewarned we will all be judged by the Lord for what we have done in our lives. Jesus, full of mercy and love, offers those who believe and follow Him a way to escape condemnation and to be granted eternal life. That opportunity to accept Jesus offer ends the moment you or the person you care about dies.

The Inseparable Love of God 05/29/2016  

Gain an understanding of how deep God’ love is for us as we explore what Paul meant when he wrote “nothing can separate us from the love of God”

The Incomprehensible Power of Love 05/22/2016  

from John 13:31

What are Some Conditions for a Miracle? 05/15/2016  

In John 5 Jesus heals a lame man on the Sabbath creating many questions and controversy. Hear the stories of a man who was healed and another who died from cancer with great faith. Be encouraged to meet some of the conditions for Jesus to do a miracle in your life.

The Encouragement You Can Find in God 05/08/2016  

Crown College Pastoral Ministry Student shares this encouraging message on Youth Sunday at River Rock Church.

Trusting When You Can’t See Your Miracle 05/01/2016  

Message includes Mike Jacobs story. In the Gospel of John Jesus second miracle is healing the royal official’s son from a distance (John 4:43-54) and is a great lesson in true faith. River Rock Church was blessed by the life of one of our members Mike Jacobs who went home to be with Jesus and part of his life and faith story is also part of this encouraging message. #teamjacobs #cancersucks

What would you do with a true miracle from Jesus? 04/17/2016  

The Gospel of John records Seven Miracles Jesus did and Scripture reveals much of the How and Why these miracles matter. One of the greatest miracles is when people turn to follow Jesus. Beware that Satan can try to trick people with counterfeit miracles. Are you asking for your needed miracle and do you know what you would do with it if you received it? Jesus still does Miracles today – be encouraged to seek and see the true miracles He is doing among us.

We Were Saved for This 04/10/2016  

As Christ followers we recognize that salvation is available because of Jesus’ death on the cross, but we sometimes miss what we were saved for. In Ephesians 2:8-10 we can begin to grasp the amazing fact that Jesus has something amazing for us. Listen as we explore this passage and discover the depth of God’s plan for us.

The Power of Influence 04/03/2016  

We all have the opportunity to be involved in people’s lives – be encouraged to be equipped and available to use your power of influence for eternal good!

Jesus Knows How to Deliver an Exciting and Adventurous Life 03/27/2016  

Jesus & The Adventure of: #1 of a CHILD LIKE Faith #2 of a NEAR DEATH Experience #3 of Living in DEPENDENCE #4 of a PASSIONATE Relationship #5 of a Hopeful TOMORROW #6 of Living ON PURPOSE #7 of Expecting REWARDS

Jesus Enables the Greatest Comebacks 03/20/2016  

When all looked lost He rose from the dead overcoming the power of death. Jesus offers this same power to help you overcome the difficulties, sin and pain in your life. It’s time to Overcome! Hear some of the examples of underdogs that came back to be victorious through Jesus.

Jesus has Risen – See Beyond the Myths 03/13/2016

Be encouraged and equipped to share the evidence for Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. We will look at some of the myths, proofs and fulfilled prophecies. God expects you to be able to give reason for your faith, “Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.” 1 Peter 3:15 This is one of the greatest messages for the Christ-follower and those who are still skeptical.

Jesus has Risen – Take more Risks 03/06/2016

See how God can change people (and us) and be encouraged to be more bold and take life changing risks

Jesus has Risen – Experience the depth of His Love 02/28/2016

Part 1 of a series on the importance of Jesus Christs Resurrection with clips from the Risen movie.

Can Jesus Use Me? The Calling of the Disciples 02/21/2016

When Jesus called His disciples, there were no qualifications – He simply said “follow me” and this is the same call that He has for each of us. Listen to find how you can find a fulfilling life, one with purpose and direction by simply and completely following Jesus.

House of Hope in Chile – Special Missions Guests 02/14/2016

Guest Speakers from House of Hope in Chile. Three girls share (in English and Spanish) how God is at work in their lives and through the ministry. River Rock Church has helped support Vision for Children and Vision for Chile.

Experience Gods Blessing through the Church 01/31/2016

It is Gods plan to use the church to accomplish His purposes and to bless His people. Find out how God is at work at River Rock Church.

Experience God’s Blessing Now to Eternity 01/24/2016

From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another. John 1:16 #1 Experience Blessings through Children #2 Experience Blessings with Christ #3 Experience Blessings through Consecration #4 Experience Blessings with Contentment #5 Experience Blessings through Communication #6 Experience Blessings through Contributions #7 Experience Blessings Trusting God Completely

Experience God’s Blessing of your Finances 01/17/2016

Be inspired to trust God with your finances and trust Him in troubling financial times – we used resources from Brian Kluth at for this message.

Experience God’s Blessing at your Job 01/10/2016

Take God to work with you – be blessed and be a blessing to others. You may be a homemaker, a student, an employee, an employer or self employed and God is interested in the quality of your work and the relationships you build.

Becoming the Church that Shatters the Imagination 12/27/2015

In Paul’s letter do the Ephesian church he declared that “God’s purpose in all this was to use the church to display His wisdom in its rich variety to all the unseen rulers and authorities in the heavenly places” (Eph. 3:10-11). Listen to this encouraging message on how we can do unimaginable things for Jesus through His power within us.

How to Light Up Christmas – Part 2 12/13/2015

Jesus is the Light that John was sent to proclaim. Look for opportunities to be a reflection of Christ’s light and help other to find true life in Him thei Christmas season. John 1:4-9

How to Light Up Christmas + Clips from Kids Christmas Program 12/06/2015

Encouraging message on how to Light Up Christmas. Audio clips from our Kids Christmas Program Sunday. Hear about River Rock Bible Quiz team and Chile Orphanage House of Hope.

Jesus the Word – Foundation for Christmas 11/29/2015

Jesus was at work preparing for Christmas before the Creation of the world. John 1:1-13, 15. Discover the meaning of “Logos: the Word” and be encouraged to worship our awesome Savior.

Thanks We Be Giving Sunday 11/22/2015

We encourage you to pause and take time to be thankful to God. We will look at how godly people of the past expressed gratitude to the Lord and how the Bible instructs us to give thanks today from Psalm 96. We will also be reminded of many things we can be thankful for. And then we will put that into practice by passing the mic and giving some people an opportunity to tell us why they are thankful.

Rewards from God – Part 2 11/15/2015

Every day we make choices that affect our life today and eternally. The Bible reveals that God will reward us for certain things we can choose to do with our lives now. Are you living today with eternal rewards in sight? Be encouraged to spend your life now confidently preparing to enjoy God’s rewards now and for our eternal future. Part 2 of 2

Rewards from God – Part 1 11/08/2015

Every day we make choices that affect our life today and eternally. The Bible reveals that God will reward us for certain things we can choose to do with our lives now. Are you living today with eternal rewards in sight? Be encouraged to spend your life now confidently preparing to enjoy God’s rewards now and for our eternal future. Part 1 of 2

Faith in the Hands of Doubters – Dr Kuhn Crown College 11/01/2015  

What does the world-changing message of faith in Christ have to do with a cast of doubters? Everything! Could God use a ragtag group of followers as ambassadors of His timeless message? Absolutely. Why would Christ entrust His message of faith to doubters? “Faith in the Hands of Doubters” from Matthew 28. Dr Bill Kuhn serves as Campus Chaplain and is the Director of Student Development and Biblical, Theological & Ministry Studies

Be Light in this Dark World 10/25/2015  

Be encouraged to reflect the light and love of Christ as you as choose to brightly live your life as God desires. Keep your light shining even if life gets difficult. The light you shine can make a huge difference to the people around you.

It’s Not About Me? 10/18/2015  

Sometimes we can be prideful and boastful, its easy because we work hard and we want praise and reward from others. This is a deceiving thought and can actually just leave you constantly searching for others praise and approval. Come this Sunday as we talk about the truth of giving glory to God for His gifts to us. We’ll talk about some examples from the Bible of men who were quick to praise themselves and would fall, but when they praised God for His greatness, they were rewarded. So come be encouraged, because it’s not about you, and true joy and reward is found in God’s presence! Elliot Wiens

Learning & Loving for a WELL Life 10/11/2015  

Living out the God’s greatest commandment leads to the joy and satisfaction of living a WELL life. Listen and be encouraged to Learn and Love the way God designed you to.

How to Live a WELL Life through Encouraging 10/04/2015  

How can we better give and receive encouragement? Come discover the many ways God enables us to be encouragers. “So encourage each other and build each other up…” 1 Thessalonians 5:11. At the end of this audio hear some of our people share how River Rock Church has encouraged them.

How to Live a WELL Life through Worshiping 09/27/2015  

God desires your worship – find out what God is looking for. Jesus said, “… True worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship Him that way.” John 4:23. Worship affects the CORE of your desires, thoughts & actions. #1 Worship is Commanded #2 Worship is Observed #3 Worship is Rewarded #4 Worship is Eternal

Overcoming the Overwhelming 09/20/2015  

How can we overcome the overwhelming circumstances life throws at us? Learn to live and grow in the midst of our trials. Go beyond surviving to thriving in Christ’s love and power. Be encouraged to find strength in your times of need.

How God can use you in His Harvest 09/13/2015  

Jesus said the Harvest was plentiful and that there would be rewards for those who labor in His fields. You are sent by God to harvest – how is that going for you? There is an urgency to Harvest time and there is a shortage of workers. Be encouraged to honor God and enjoy the blessings of serving the Lord the way He desires.

Where to Find Strength – Elliots Testimony 09/06/2015  

Elliot our Pastor-Intern is sharing his testimony, it’s the story of his faith and walk with God. It has been a long road starting when he was very young however God has made him new and grown Elliot and his faith every day! Be encouraged as he shares about how God has been faithful and how He has given him strength (and can give you strength) whenever it is needed! This will give you a chance to better get to know Elliot, and hopefully some parts of his life can bless you as well! Elliot Wiens

How Much $tuff do I really need? 08/23/2015  

Some of us have too much stuff and some of us really are in need of more stuff. The stuff you choose to purchase, keep, give away and throw away can define the kind of life you live. The Bible has a lot to say about money and possessions. Be encouraged to worship God with the stuff He provides for you and to gain a right perspective on the temporary finances flowing in and out of your life. Don’t spend your life trying to find contentment apart from God!

Seek Safety and Security in Christ the Rock 08/09/2015  

Be encouraged to see how you can seek safety and security in Christ the Rock. River Rock Church has been serving Belle Plaine and the surrounding region since 2002 – our church name is based on 1 Corinthians 10:4: “…all of them drank the same spiritual water. For they drank from the spiritual rock that traveled with them, and that rock was Christ.”

Trumpeting the Truth 08/02/2015  

Nathan Phillips, a Pastoral Ministries major at Crown College, shares with us “Trumpeting the Truth” – Biblical truths for being the light in a dark world

Take a Selfie at Work – Your Work Matters to God 07/26/2015  

Some estimates reveal that we spend 90,000 hours of our lives at work. God has shown us that He is a creative worker. God has created us to be creative workers. The Bible shows there is value in work and that work is a gift from God. The Bible says we are to “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.” (Colossians 3:23-24). Be encouraged to see that your work matters to God.

Lord Change my Attitude before it is too Late 07/19/2015  

We may have a lot to complain about but we also have a lot of opportunities and the one thing that will make or break us is our attitude. Come be encouraged to choose to let the Holy Spirit shape your attitude.

Examine Yourself – Take a Selfie Before Communion 07/12/2015  

Be encouraged during church communion time to become worthy through Christ and then take a look at your relationships, commitments, thought life, affections and motives. “…You should examine yourself before eating the bread and drinking the cup.” -1 Corinthians 11:28

Being Bold Christians in America – Standing for God’s Truth 06/28/2015  

Part 1 of 2. Be encouraged to boldly point people to Jesus and Truth for living in God’s Word. See how our nation will be more successful as people choose to live “In Dependence” on God instead of trying to push Him away or shut Him out. What are the opportunities and responsibilities we have as Christ-followers? How can we experience true freedom? And how can Christians influence the world. #1 Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing—BELIEF in Christ #2 Know that faithfully living in Christ will BLESS others #3 Keep engaged with people BOLDY holding out hope #4 Look for OPENINGS to make a difference in America #5 Look for OPPORTUNITIES to make a difference in America #6 Look out for OPPOSITION to make a difference in America #7 Look ONWARD seeing past the symptoms to salvation Link to Mentioned Resource:

Selfies with our Heavenly Father 06/21/2015  

See what the Bible has to say about how our Heavenly Father sees us and how He stays in the picture of our lives

Better Christian Friendships – Selfies with Friends 06/14/2015  

Be encouraged to be a good friend and enjoy great friendships. There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. – Proverbs 18:24 #1 We all need to have friends in the big PICTURE of our lives #2 We need to be the kind of friends that people LIKE and want to FOLLOW #3 We need be aware of problems that make people want to UNFRIEND us #4 We need to work at being a GENUINE friend #5 We need have JESUS as our best friend

Will You Walk with Me? 06/07/2015  

Listen to Dan Jetto’s encouraging message about the importance of sharing life together as Christ followers. As we come along side others and others come along side us we can see the power of God multiplied in our lives and His Kingdom increased in ways we would never imagine. Followed by communion audio by Chris Teien

The Helmet of Salvation – How to keep your head in the Spiritual war 05/31/2015  

God has given Christians Spiritual body armor and we are instructed to “Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” – Ephesians 6:17. Satan our enemy wants to get into our heads and get us to doubt our salvation, compromise our faith and abandon our posts so that he can defeat us. The only weapon we have been given to fight this Spiritual battle is a Sword – which is is the Holy Spirit empowered use of the Word of God.

Use Your Shield of Faith to Protect Against Satan’s Attacks 05/24/2015  

Use the shield of faith to extinguish Satan’s fiery arrows aned stand strong together as a church for what we believe in. “In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.” Ephesians 6:16 #1 We can be PROTECTED by a Shield of Faith #2 We must STAND our Ground in the Spiritual Battle #3 We must Be READY for Satan’s Fiery Arrows #4 We must PREPARE and Take up our Shields #5 We must Use our Shields TOGETHER to be Effective

Be Prepared to Share the Gospel of Peace and Stand Firm in Christ 05/17/2015  

We continue looking at the different pieces of attire we are supposed to wear to be completely dressed in the full armor of God. If we are going to be ready to move and able to stand our ground we need to be wearing the right footwear. Ephesians 6:15 it says, “For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.” Do you know how to strap on and effectively use the Gospel of Peace? Be encouraged stand firm in Christ and to effectively carry the good news to others. Note Sheet at

Overcoming the distractions of the enemy to become the true family of God 05/10/2015  

In Mark’s writings we find Jesus is confronted by His own family while He was ministering to others. They thought he had lost His mind and wanted to take him away, but He would not be distracted from His calling. Come and learn about the distractions He faced, and how Satan uses lies and distractions to keep us from being the true family of God. We must be sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit and Chose to please God rather than men as we grow continually in our understanding of God’s Word and our personal relationship with Him. Listen and be encouraged to have Jesus and His Word be the ultimate authority on how we live our lives and be radically committed to following Jesus seeking to do what He want us to do.

The Full Armor of God – Power and Provision Through Prayer 05/03/2015  

God gives us armor to wear to stand against the schemes of our evil enemy. After telling us how to suit up for battle we are told to “Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” in Ephesians 6:18. #1 Keep in Constant COMMUNICATION with your Commander – Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. #2 Keep WATCHING and don’t be Deceived by the Enemy #3 Keep EMPOWERING others in this battle around the world through Praying #4 Keep Asking God to help us courageously PROCLAIM the Good News!

Breastplate of Righteousness – Body Armor to Protect Your Heart 04/26/2015  

If you are a Christ-follower God provides you with armor to stand against your enemy. You have to Put your Armor On: #1 Beware that Satan Targets our Hearts, #2 Be Wearing Christ’s Righteous Armor, #3 Be Protected so Your Heart will Endure. Be encouraged to stand courageously in Christ’s Righteousness and with Integrity.

Put on the Belt of Truth – Guarding Against the Enemys Lies 04/19/2015  

Be encouraged to stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth from Ephesians 6:14. #1 Truth to Stand Against the Devils Schemes #2 Truth is Experienced Living for Jesus #3 Truth to Stand Together to Resist the Enemy

Living a Life of Victory in the Full Armor of God 04/12/2015  

God wants you to be aware of the spiritual battle all around you and to be confidently ready to stand your ground in the armor He is providing for you. #1 You Need God’s Strength and Power #2 You’ve Been Assigned Armor You Need to Wear #3 You Need to Stand Firm and Be Aware #4 Your enemy is not Human #5 Your Enemy is Satan and his demons #6 Your Armor will Enable You to Resist the Enemy #7 You Can Be Victorious after the Battle

How Jesus can Give you Freedom from Fears 04/05/2015  

Jesus acknowledged this world we live in is full of trouble and He repeatedly tells His followers not to fear. Be set free from fear and give you Bible passages to stand on when you feel like you are about to knocked over. We are to fear God and not man – when we walk close to the Lord we can enjoy confidence and assurance that we are going to be OK. Be encouraged to trust Jesus to help you overcome your fear and anxiety. #1 Freedom from the fear of difficult times #2 Freedom from the Fear that I won’t get what I need #3 Freedom from the Fear of God’s Rejection #4 Freedom from the Fear of Eternal Death #5 Freedom from the Fear of Serving Jesus

Praying for People to Be Prepared for Jesus Return 03/29/2015  

We remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. On this day many thought they were ready to receive Jesus as their King, but history shows they were not prepared to meet the King Jesus was called to be. In Luke’s description of the event we can see more than simply the historical account, we get a glimpse into the heart of Jesus and what He was praying for as His death approached. Through this we can learn how to pray, so that when He comes again, not only ourselves but so many others, will be truly ready to meet our King. – Pastor Dan Jetto

Praying for People to Experience Reconciliation and Peace 03/22/2015  

Be encouraged to pray for and help the people around you experience reconciliation and peace. We need to pray for people to be reconciled! Christ instructs us to help people be reconciled in their relationships with God and one other. Paul writes, “And all of this is a gift from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ. And God has given us this task of reconciling people to him.” 2 Corinthians 5:18

Praying for Everyone to Hear the Good News and Receive Jesus 03/15/2015  

There are so many people all around the world that still need to hear about the Good News that Jesus can change their lives and enable them to live forever and there are so many ways to accomplish that life saving task. Be encouraged to pray for people around the world and look for ways to share The Gospel with people near and far. Hear about ways the Christian & Missionary Alliance is at work to bring Christ to different parts of the world. Be reminded of the key points of the message we bring and how people need to respond. Romans 10:1-17 #1 Pray for People to be SAVED #2 Pray for People to UNDERSTAND #3 Pray for the Message to be PROCLAIMED #4 Pray for Messengers to be SENT #5 Pray for People to HEAR and RESPOND to the Message #6 Pray for the People around the World to FOLLOW Jesus

Praying for Transformation 03/08/2015

Be encouraged to pray for and reach out to people of influence to come to into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and then point their families, coworkers and communities to also find new life in Christ. Be inspired to learn from the second chance Jonah received to fulfill God’s plan. Also hear the testimony of person who was transformed and then sought to reach their community. #1 A man was SAVED and his household FOLLOWED #2 God Gives Jonah a SECOND CHANCE to Proclaim His Message #3 Jonah DELIVERS God’s Message to People He did not CARE for #4 The Community BELIEVED God’s Message Jonah was Proclaiming #5 The Community LEADER led his people to change #6 The Community was led to PRAY and TURN from evil #7 God Showed MERCY and spared the Community

Praying for God to Restore Wrecked Lives 03/01/2015

No matter how messed up someone’s life has become, God has the ability to restore them to the design He created them for. In Titus Chapter 3 we are reminded of the damaged lives we lived apart from the Lord, that our Savior has a great plan for our future, and how the Holy Spirit empowers us to experience being fully restored Link to watch Hot Rod Restoration video:

Revival Prayer – Connecting to Gods Power 02/22/2015

Find out how God can use you and your prayers to help bring a revival in your life and the people around you. Like the Psalmist, let’s cry out to God, “Won’t you revive us again, so your people can rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:6). Be encouraged to understand why we need a revival, how God works to bring revival about, and what we can do to be involved in the work God desires to do.

Does Prayer Really Change Things? 02/15/2015

Have you ever wondered if prayer changes things? In a world of chaos is God still listening, and if He is how can I pray more effectively? Come and learn how we can invite God into our circumstances and experience the power of His grace through prayer. – Pastor Dan Jetto

Are you Living in Loving Kindness? 02/08/2015

Have you taken time to reflect on how much God loves you and how He show His love for you? Everybody wants to be loved. See how much God loves us and how we can show His love to others. Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22 #1 Give Thanks for the Lord’s Faithful Love #2 Tell others of the Lord’s Loving Kindness #3 Recall how the Lord has Saved You #4 Praise the Lord for all He does for you

Living in a Church Family 01/18/2015

Jesus loved the church so much He gave His all for her and as Christ-followers we are called to be part of a local church family. Be encouraged to do your part living for Jesus with other believers in church.

Whats So Amazing About Grace? 01/11/2015

Nathan Phillips has been part of River Rock Church in Belle Plaine since high school and is now a pastoral ministry major at Crown College. Listen here as he shares his first church sermon on Ephesians 2:1-10 about God’s love and Grace.

Don’t fall for the myth of Tomorrow 01/04/2015

Don’t put off what you should do today and assume there is always tomorrow. You can’t change yesterday and tomorrow is uncertain but you do have today to make a difference and to prepare for the future. Be encouraged to live for God each today of your life.

Are you Living to See Jesus Like Simeon? 12/28/2014

Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the temple to dedicate Him to the Lord and they had a divine appointment with Simeon. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Simeon prophesied about Jesus purpose and future. What did he see and how did Joseph and Mary respond? See Jesus the way Simeon saw Him and renew your commitment to follow and serve Christ the Lord.

Get Ready to Share “What Christmas Means to Me” 12/21/2014

This time of year we have a great opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas. Many think Christmas is just for children. Many feel obligated to buy gifts or entitled to receive them. Some think it is the time for seasons greeting and Santa Claus. When people do think about Jesus at Christmas they often think of a baby in a manger surrounded by animals. If you were asked, “What does Christmas mean to you?” are you prepared to give an eternally significant possibly life changing answer? Be encouraged to celebrate and equipped to share the true meaning of Christmas!

What about Mary? And Joseph? 12/14/2014

Mary and Joseph are often viewed through a prism of a utopia. Come and hear Pastor Dan tell of the costs both Mary and Joseph knowingly paid, and how ordinary people who trust in God in spite of worldly losses can experience the riches of God’s blessing beyond their imaginations

Why Shepherds? 12/07/2014

An inspiring short message for kids and adults . Of all the people that the Angels could have invited to the newborn baby Jesus party – why did they go get the shepherds? – Pastor Chris Teien

God Sent an Angel 11/30/2014

We start out our River Rock Church Christmas series looking at the power and mystery of Angels communicating to people God’s plan and message. Hear what the Bible says about angels and how they are involved in our lives. – Pastor Chris Teien

Give Thanks – Celebrate God’s Faithfulness 11/23/2014

We will do W.E.L.L. to look back, give thanks and celebrate God’s faithfulness. Godliness with contentment is great gain and the Lord is forever faithful. He desires our gratitude and our praise. Some testimonies included. – Pastor Chris Teien

Sowing a Life of Significance 11/16/2014

The God who designed us and the world we live in has a lot to say about seed time then harvest and sowing then reaping. Many people do not understand the significance of purposefully planting seeds so they can enjoy the benefits and rewards of a fruitful life. This time of year we see farmers that have harvested their crops and the results of all their labor. What is growing in your life? Where is the field you are working in? Are you available to work in God’s fields where the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few? What investments lead to the meaningful life you desire? Be encouraged to be active sowing a life of significance. – Pastor Chris Teien

Look A Lamb – Sharing Jesus in Paris France 11/09/2014

Guest Alan Clason – Alliance Missionary to Paris, France shares about sharing Jesus with people here, in France and around the world

Called to be Ambassadors for Christ 11/02/2014  

What kind of person would make the best ambassador? What would make someone want to go be an ambassador? What is an ambassadors role, message and authority? You have a great message to share and a great opportunity to help change someone’s life for eternity. You can be an ambassador where you are now and all around the world. Be encouraged to go connect with people you may not know and share the love and salvation of Jesus. – Pastor Chris Teien

Good Addiction – Get Hooked on Serving Jesus 10/19/2014  

Many people get addicted to things that they like and not all addictions are bad. Some people miss out on the good addiction of serving Jesus. It is exciting that God invites us to invest our time and resources serving Jesus and people. He provides opportunity, resources, empowerment and instruction to enable us to serve Him and serve other people well. Is your work or school a better place because you are there? Pastor Chris Teien

Pass the Salt and Turn on the Light 10/12/2014  

Be encouraged to be salt and light to the world around you as Jesus lives through you. Pastor Chris Teien

Faith Recovery – Rest for the Weary 10/05/2014  

Life never quits coming at us, burdens are great, pressures sometimes are unbearable, so what do we do? Where do we turn? Jesus has the answer for everyone who is burdened and weary, He promises rest, rest that refreshes us to the core of our innermost beings. Come hear how we can apply Jesus’ words from Matthew 11 to refresh our spirits. Pastor Dan Jetto

Faith and Your Family Experience 09/21/2014  

Your family experiences – both good and bad – can affect how you live your life and how you treat others. Many people carry their pain, anger, and regret from past family dysfunction and need to pursue reconciliation and healing. While your family might be messed up, God can help you change the way you feel, act and pray for those in the family you grew up in and the family you may be raising today. Be encouraged to understand that God can help messed up family relationships and see how you can grow in faith amid family dysfunction.

Faith when Secured – Assurance of Salvation 09/14/2014  

Your relationship with God, your commitment to serve and the depth of your faith are secured in the assurance of your salvation. Be encouraged to grow in your knowledge and trust in the Lord. Pastor Chris Teien

Faith on the Job – Worship thru Work 09/07/2014  

God created us to be workers and we can glorify God by the quality of the work we do. Maybe you work at the office, factory or restaurant. Maybe your current job is to study and get a good education. Maybe your job is to stay at home and take care of the home and family. Whatever your job is, God wants us to work like we are working for Him. Work is a gift from God and God rewards good work. Be encouraged to see how God can use your work situation and environment to honor God, God will reward you for doing the best job you can. – Pastor Chris Teien

Dealing with Depression 08/24/2014  

There are many circumstances in life that can lead to depression. Many people, including people in the Bible, suffer symptoms of being depressed. If you struggle with depression, you are not alone, and God cares so much about you. Here we will look at some of the causes and solutions to overcoming depression and finding joy.

Dealing with Suicide (Includes Personal Testimonies) 08/17/2014  

It is heart breaking to find out that someone you know has chosen to take their own life. Not only is suicide tragic but it can also be contagious. Often there are no words we can share to answer the questions of “why and what if?” Recently the news has reported actors, pastors, adults and kids that have ended their own lives. And some people around us are still living on the outside but dying on the inside. We read that some people in the Bible committed suicide for various reasons and some people greatly used of God were plagued with depression. Choosing to live in hard times and through painful experiences can cause us to trust in God even more. Choosing to keep living can result in wonderful experiences you never imagined for you and those around you. Learn why some people try to self destruct and be encouraged to find ways and resources to try to help them. – Pastor Chris Teien

Grace Poured Out 08/10/2014  

Like cool refreshing water on a hot dry day, God wants us to receive, experience and share His grace. Many people miss out when they think they are unworthy to enjoy God’s grace and other people enjoy it while refusing to show or share it with others. Be encouraged to live a refreshing life in the grace God pours out. – Pastor Chris Teien

Holy Living: I Can Live Holy and Happy! 08/03/2014  

I can live a holy life and be happy? Many people don’t believe this is true. Frequently living a holy life is viewed like dieting, it’s hard, it’s a pain, and I always fail, so why try? Listen to this uplifting message on how to live holy and why living this way leads to a more satisfied life. – Pastor Dan Jetto

Personal Integrity – Are you Worth Following? 07/27/2014  

We look at the character qualities of a person that has personal integrity as we take into consideration the last three of the Ten Commandments. Faithful, Reliable and Trustworthy are three of the characteristics that people with personal integrity bless us with. Be encouraged to see how God’s commandments are not outdated burdens to endure but instead they are really a strategy that leads success, prosperity and godliness in your life.

Living to Please God 07/20/2014  

Some people feel that since God is so perfect and they are not so perfect that God must be impossible to please. God has revealed to us through His Holy Word given to us through the written pages of the Bible that He loves us and we can please Him. Be encouraged to see how you are already pleasing God and explore more areas that will please Him and bring you joy and satisfaction.

God’s Wisdom for Protected Sex in Commanding No Adultery 06/29/2014  

God designed marriage and one of His 10 Commandments is don’t commit adultery. God knows there are rewards for married people and benefits for families and society when people don’t cheat. Come be encouraged this Sunday to honor God and respect marriage the way God intended.

Enjoying God as your Perfect and loving Dad – Abba Father 06/15/2014  

God’s great design for a fathers role in our lives is full of blessing, guidance and love. Even better the Bible says God gives us His Holy Spirit and adopts as His own children so we can have a relationship with God as our Abba Father. Be encouraged to honor earthly dads and enjoy our relationship with God our Father more fully.

This is Why We Sing 06/08/2014  

Scripture encourages us to sing, we find examples of songs throughout its pages, and song is one thing we know we will find in heaven. Come learn the benefits, power, and release that can be found in directing our deepest hearts desires and needs to God in music. – Pastor Dan Jetto

Isanity: All Work with No Rest 06/01/2014  

One of the Ten Commandments God gave was to keep a Sabbath day of rest and worship – work six days then recharge for one day focusing on the Lord. All work with no rest and play is pure insanity. The God who created us and knows how we should best live said we need a day of rest. Be encouraged to make time to get refreshed and refocused on living the way God designed you to. – Pastor Chris Teien

How to Serve Jesus and Others Like a Good Soldier 05/25/2014  

Be encouraged to serve faithfully from 2 Tim 2:3-4, 8-13. #1 ENDURE Suffering as you serve Jesus and others, #2 Remember When You Were RECRUITED #3 Avoid ENTANGLEMENTS, #4 Remember your Commander Jesus’ EXAMPLE, #5 Think of OTHERS serving with you under Christ’s Command, #6 Focus on VICTORY by constantly trusting in Christ, #7 Keep the VALUE of your life in perspective. Pastor Chris Teien.

Your Words Matter so Magnify God’s Holy Name 05/18/2014  

In the Ten Commandments God commanded that we not take His holy name in vain. For some reason people in our culture can’t seem to express excitement (OMG!) without breaking this commandment. Most Christians agree that we shouldn’t use cuss words, especially not the swear words that use God’s names. A lot of Christ-followers see the prohibition and focus only on what not to say. Be encouraged to use God’s names properly and proclaim His great qualities when you Magnify His Name. – Pastor Chris Teien

How to Honor our Moms the way God Commanded 05/11/2014  

Learn how we can honor our mothers the way God intended and how to raise and influence kids (or grandkids) that will honor their parents. – Pastor Chris Teien

First Pursuit – When God Leads Your Way 04/27/2014  

Are we really supposed to follow the ten commandments now? Be encouraged to Pursue God First in your life and let Him lead your way. We look at the life changing reasons and wonderful benefits to following God’s prescribed rules for living WELL. This is the first message in our 10 Commandments Series . – Pastor Chris Teien

Seven Ways Jesus Resurrection Can Change a Life 04/20/2014  

Our life changes when we are forgiven of our sins, invited to come boldly into God’s presence and are lead by Jesus. New life comes from being cleansed from our sinful past, given true hope to hold on to, are motivated to loving serve one another and we gather with other Christ follower to live WELL lives. From Hebrews 10:16-25 – Pastor Chris Teien

Jesus was not a People Pleaser plus Great Tool to Share Faith 04/13/2014  

People are quick to follow Jesus when they think it will be more fun or make their life easier but Jesus didn’t come to entertain us, He came to teach us how to live and died in our place so we could be with Him forever. We are quick to turn our backs on Jesus when He doesn’t meet our immediate expectations. Be encouraged to appreciate and proclaim all that Jesus has done to draw you into loving fellowship. – Pastor Chris Teien

Walk Well in Newness of Life and Baptism 03/30/2014  

Hear what what the Bible says about walking in newness of life as we choose to yield our will and ways to Jesus Christ and gain a deeper understanding of Jesus command that His followers be baptized including the symbolism and significance of this visual proclamation of our obedient Christian faith. Be encouraged to walk closer to Jesus and celebrate those who are choosing to be baptized by immersion. This worship service was followed by a believers baptism service at the local pool.

To the Ends of the Earth – Life Lessons Learned 5000 miles from home 03/23/2014  

Pastor Chris traveled over 5000 miles from home and spent three weeks serving with Vision for Children – Chile at the House of Hope in LaPintana (Santiago), Chile. Here are ten lessons he learned that can help you live your Christian life WELL. See pictures and more info at

Align My Heart with His Mission 03/16/2014  

Pastor Dan and Becky share about their missions trip to Chile and how each of us can discover our mission and fulfill the Great Commission both as a church and as individuals. This could be the beginning of a grand adventure for us all. Matthew 28:18-20

The path to all we need for a well life. Matthew 6:33 03/09/2014

Discover the amazing promise found in Matt 6:33. What would we be willing to do to gain complete peace and contentment – knowing that all that we need will always be given to us. Come and discover how it is possible according to the words that Jesus spoke as part of His Sermon on the mount. WELL is Worship, Evangelize, Learn, and Love. Pastor Dan Jetto

5 Easy Steps to Wreck Your WELL Life 02/23/2014

We are all making choices as we build our lives. Here are 5 easy ways to wreck your life that you may have not considered. 1.Build on a bad foundation 2. Don’t clean up and protect 3. Don’t spend wisely to invest in your future 4. Don’t take time to enjoy and share what you have 5. Don’t prepare for the coming seasons of life. While there are many other ways to wreck your life, these five are easy to do without even trying. Be encouraged to purposefully live (and not wreck) your life Worshiping, Encouraging, Learning and Loving. Pastor Chris Teien

Heaven – Reward for Living a WELL Life 02/16/2014

For Christians the best really is yet to come! We strive to live for Jesus and make the world a better place but as Christ-followers we realize this world is not our permanent home. We look forward to our eternal home in heaven. “…we are looking forward to the new heavens and new earth he has promised, a world filled with God’s righteousness.” – 2 Peter 3:13 (NLT) We will experience eternal rewards for faithfully serving the Lord. We can do things to speed up the return of Jesus. Be encouraged to spend your days well so you can experience the best eternity. – Pastor Chris Teien

A New Song in my Mouth – Lyrics for a WELL Life 02/09/2014

God created us to sing. The Bible says God sings over us, the people of God have celebrated victory and joy through song, the longest book of the Bible is a song book, music is a part of every society around the world, Jesus and his disciples sang a hymn at the Last Supper, the Apostle Paul and James instruct us to sing spiritual songs, and Psalm 40 says God put a new song in my mouth. Be encouraged to experience a WELL Life through God’s gift of musical lyrics that lead to worshiping, encouraging, learning and loving God and each other.

Your Ticket to Experience a WELL Life 02/02/2014

Here is your opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of a full life in Christ. Jesus Christ has purchased the tickets – have you picked them up from the will-call area? Since He is providing extra tickets – who are you inviting to come with you? Be encouraged to use your ticket to experience the adventures of a WELL Life.- Pastor Chris Teien

How to be Strong for a WELL Life 01/26/2014

We all are in the race of life competing to survive against all the challenges of life. Just like an athlete can over train, we can push ourselves too far without ever being content. We need strength to succeed and the Bible shows us how we can have the strength of the Lord. Be encouraged to find new strength and continual contentment as we learn from Paul in Philippians 4:1-13. This is a great message to share with friends. Pastor Chris Teien

Stop and Think about it! Meditation and Gods Word 01/12/2014

The Bible says in 1 Peter 1:23 (ESV) that Christians “… have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God.” The foundation of our faith, instructions for living, strategy for success, and source of all we need our found in God’s Word to us. Be encouraged to be directed by the living and abiding Word of God and learn discover the great rewards of meditating on it. Pastor Chris has listed some free resources to help you get more out of God’s Word using the English Standard Version including a free audio Bible this month.

Redeeming the Time in 3D 12/29/2013

Redeeming the Time in 3-D: Three areas to prioritize this New Year are Discipline, Doctrine and Discipleship. If you work on these three areas you will have spent your time well while growing in Christ and changing the world around you.

The Miracle of the Message – Our Creator’s Humility 12/15/2013

The Bible makes it clear that Jesus is God and Creator yet He humbled Himself to come down to Earth born of a virgin to live as a man and experience the difficulties of life without sinning. He showed us how to live and died for sin so that those who repent and trust in Him can be with Him forever. Will you humble yourself to serve and to live for Jesus?

A Quick Motivator on How to PUSH to live WELL Lives 12/08/2013

Christ can remove barriers and make enemies become peaceful. Learn how to PUSH so that people can live WELL lives.

The Approachable King – Christmas Series 12/01/2013

Ever wonder why God would enter the world as a baby born in poverty? Come meet our approachable King as we explore the wisdom in the circumstances around Jesus’ birth. – Pastor Dan Jetto

Give Thanks and Love 11/24/2013

Message from Psalm 116. Love God and be thankful. Love is a Transcendent Cause. Donate your life to loving purposes, because anyone who wants to find a happy life must lose it first. Secrets to a Happy Life Series.

Surrender your Desires and Expectations to follow Gods Perfect Plan – Secrets to a Happy Life11/17/2013

Happy Life Secret #10 SURRENDER. Respect for the “Godness” of God. Quit pushing back against God’s ways, because he is working for your joy, even when you don’t see it. God speaks through His Word – be careful of people who say “God told ME that YOU have to/won’t/can’t…” What God has in mind is always better than what you have in mind. Be encouraged to surrender and submit to and delight in God’s twists and turns. (The first 10 minutes of this message did not get recorded but we did our best to make it work) – Pastor Chris Teien

Walk in Gods Wisdom and Power – Secrets to a Happy Life 11/10/2013

Secret to a Happy Life #9 is about Wisdom and God’s Divine Viewpoint. View your life and world from heaven’s perspective, because your life’s happiness is a subplot in God’s cosmic plan to bless the world. This week we are learning from the life of Joseph in Genesis 44-45. Be encouraged that your life, above all else, belongs to God. God’s purposes are bigger than your purposes, and he has every right to deploy you as he sees fit. He provides the wisdom and power you need to life a blessed life. – Pastor Chris Teien

Know Your Identity – Secrets to a Happy Life 11/03/2013  

In Genesis 43-44 we see Joseph and his family moving forward to a new identity. Be encourages to know the riches of your new identity in grace, because you are who God says you are no matter what anyone else says. As we let go of past bad stuff, we need to seize future good stuff. You need to lay hold of your true and deep identity in God and let it shine. – Pastor Chris Teien

Closure from your Past – Secrets to a Happy Life 10/27/2013  

Close the books on unresolved guilt and shame, because those loose ends only guarantee misery. In Genesis 42-43 we see Joseph and his family moving toward closure from the past. No one is beyond God’s forgiveness. Your past need never haunt you again. It doesn’t define you. It need not dominate you. Be encouraged to find closure from the sin and pain of your past. – Pastor Chris Teien

Trust the Lord – Secrets to a Happy Life 10/13/2013  

In Genesis 41 we find Joseph still trusting God through difficulties and he is about to step out in faith and get a promotion from Prisoner to Powerful-Leader. Be encouraged to keep trusting and stay prepared for God to use you to accomplish His purposes. – Pastor Chris Teien

Endurance – Secrets to a Happy Life 10/06/2013  

Joseph showed us how to keep moving forward even when it seems like life isn’t working out like we hoped or expected. Be encouraged to trust God and experience contentment even when life is hard. Pastor Dan Jetto

Loyalty – Secrets to a Happy Life 09/29/2013  

Joseph’s actions showed that he was loyal to God and God reveals that He was loyal to Joseph. Be encouraged to live a life of loyalty that leads to a happy life.

Support Missions Trip to Chile 09/22/2013  

Help send Pastor Chris to help at the Vision for Chile Orphanages in South America. He needs to raise funds now to get ready for a two week trip in February. He has been personally invited by director Tom Orme to help with some specific ministry needs they have there. You can give at (designate your gift to Pastor Chris missions trip)

Consistency & Destiny – Secrets to a Happy Life 09/22/2013  

Living a Consistent Christian Life leads to Happiness and Discover the 5 Laws of Destiny that lead to a Happy life. A look at the life of Joseph from Genesis 37-38. Part of the Secrets to a Happy Life Series.

Missions – Vision for Chile – Tom Orme 09/15/2013  

Tom Orme shares about his call, burden and experiences working with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and the ministry he founded in Chile.

Letting Go – Secrets to a Happy Life 09/08/2013  

The first message in the “Secrets to a Happy Life” series – a look at the life of Joseph in the Old Testament and how he remained faithful and content when life continuously seemed to get worse for him. The first secret deals with the importance of letting go.

The Power of Delight 08/25/2013  

Search the Scriptures and you will find that delighting yourself in the Lord leads to great satisfaction and wonderful rewards. There are so many inferior things that compete for our attention and affections that we must purposefully and willingly choose to put God first. Heaven’s delight will far outweigh earth’s difficulties. Be encouraged to discover the Power of Delight and experience the abundant blessings that God gives those who make Him their delight. Pastor Chris Teien

When the Lord is your Shepherd you have all you need 08/18/2013  

In Psalm 23, God reveals reveals that He intimately cares, guides, protects and provides. Be encouraged to follow faithfully and enjoy fully God’s shepherding of those that are His. Pastor Chris Teien

Acquiring God’s Peace in your Life – Jehovah Shalom 08/11/2013  

God has revealed His name Jehovah Shalom means The Lord is Peace. This Sunday be encouraged to acquire God’s perfect peace and get help to deal with the things that are suffocating your inner peace.

Your Relationship with El Olam the Everlasting God 08/04/2013  

One of the names of God is El Olam the Everlasting God, within this name are nuances of both the mystery of His eternal existence and His mighty power. Hear how relating to God as El Olam can help and strengthen us, as described in Isaiah 40:21-31. Pastor Dan Jetto

The Incredible and Impossible through Almighty God – El Shaddai 07/21/2013  

God has revealed His name is “El Shaddai” and He is the One strong enough to help you and sensitive enough to care for you. When you get to know God as El Shaddai will you begin to see God at work in your life. Be encouraged to seek God’s power by realizing your need, living according to God’s plan, and count on God’s powerful involvement. “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1 (NLT) Pastor Chris Teien

Amazing Story of how God Heals – Jehovah Rapha 07/14/2013  

Be encouraged to trust in and to call upon Jehovah Rapha – Our LORD who heals – for physical and emotional healing. Hear about a pastors mysterious life threatening illness, miraculous healing, amazing restoration and the new call of recently elected president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance John Stumbo.

In God We Trust 06/30/2013  

Yahweh Jehovah God desires to have a relationship with you, be encouraged to live for the LORD and trust in our all powerful God as we accept our position in life. Pastor Chris Teien.

Living WELL – E is for Encouragement! 06/23/2013  

It’s time for Christians and River Rock Church to get a renewed commitment to live WELL and include the “E” Factor to be more effective in our Christian Lives. – Pastor Chris Teien

Loving Gods Way of Fathering 06/16/2013  

Whether you are a father, still have a relationship with your father, are becoming a father or are without a father you will be encouraged to see how God reaches out to adopt you, love you, guide you and provide for you as your Heavenly Father. – Pastor Chris Teien

Wired for Knowledge – Made to know about God 06/09/2013  

You are wonderfully created by God, designed to fulfill your purpose and invited to know God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Also hear the amazing testimony of Duche Bradley from I Am Second. Pastor Chris Teien

Where is your Hope? 06/02/2013  

Be encouraged to find hope and help through Jesus. Pastor Dan Jetto

Ready, Set, WAIT! 05/26/2013  

Discover four ways God uses Waiting to make you a better person and how waiting on God will lead to a better life. Pastor Chris Teien

Beat the Heat – Will you experience Heaven or Hell? 05/19/2013  

Jesus made it clear that people are headed for an eternal destiny. Hell is hot and Heaven is perfect. God has warned us about eternal damnation and taken steps to allow those who believe upon Jesus spend eternity with Him. Be encouraged to learn what the Bible really has to say about eternal destiny and personal responsibility. Pastor Chris Teien

Help others Love God’s WORD like you do 05/12/2013  

God has given us His Holy Word to establish, instruct, motivate and comfort us. There is no greater tool for life that a mother, father, grandparent, relative or friend could give to another. In the Bible we find POWER for overcoming difficulties and achieving victory. Be encouraged to love, live and share God’s Word. – Pastor Chris Teien

Faith to Heal – Overcoming Lifes Hurts 04/28/2013  

The pain and difficulty of life can be overwhelming but there can be peace, hope and healing as you walk in faith with Jesus. Be encouraged to grow in knowledge and faith so that you will ask for and experience all Jesus has for you today and for eternity. Includes testimony of why and how Pastor Chris lost 60 pounds in 5 months.

Why does God allow PAIN? 04/21/2013  

There are a lot of different reasons why we experience pain and why God allows it. Be encouraged to trust and move forward with the Lord in the storms and through the pain and you will find the peace you need. – Pastor Chris Teien

KNOW God 04/14/2013  

Be encouraged to grow in your knowledge of life with God and in your desire to obey His will for your life. – Pastor Chris Teien

TRUE 04/07/2013  

“TRUE” Jesus claims to be “the Way, the Truth and the Life” and “that no one comes to the Father except through me”. Be encouraged to find out how He can make this exclusive claim and how it affects you. John 14. Pastor Dan Jetto

7 Reasons to Worship the Risen Christ 03/31/2013  

Jesus came to die for our sins and while He was here he taught us how to live and to love. The Angels of God proclaimed great news on Resurrection Sunday that Christ has risen victorious over sin and death. Jesus came back to encourage us all to live our lives accomplishing His purposes through the power of His Holy Spirit. – Pastor Chris Teien

Jesus asks: Who do you say I ? 03/24/2013  

The foundation, mission and outcome of our lives all revolve around who and what we acknowledge Jesus to be. People gave Jesus honor and spoke words of praise as he rode into Jerusalem but then they quickly turned against him when Jesus did not meet their immediate expectations. If they knew who Jesus truly is and what he ultimately came to accomplish they would have realized that Jesus is the “Great I .” Be encouraged to see Jesus as He truly is and be motivated to come to Him just as you are. Our current message series continues to tie in the Bible TV mini-series that so many people are watching this month -we will show the video preview of Jesus entering Jerusalem for this Palm Sunday. – Pastor Chris Teien

Dare to Have Character Like Daniel 03/17/2013  

Daniel humbly accepts his life circumstances and boldly lives out his commitment to God. In our lives we to can choose to live out that same kind of commitment. “God is not looking for extraordinary characters as His instruments, but He is looking for humble instruments through whom He can be honored throughout the ages.” – A.B. Simpson. Listen and be encouraged to develop and display character traits that will benefit your life and bless others now and into eternity. – Pastor Chris Teien

Faith & Opportunity for New Beginnings 03/10/2013

Be encouraged to have faith like Joshua, Rahab, David and Samson. This message will help you better understand what is being shown on the Bible TV mini series. Pastor Chris Teien

Faith to Walk on Water – Get ready for the Bible TV Series 02/24/2013

When Jesus invited Peter to come to him out on the water, Peter miraculously walked on water until he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the wind and waves around him. When Peter started to sink Jesus reached out and pulled him up. The disciples faith was strengthened because of this experience. When we are called to walk in faith and everything around us seems to pull us down we need to cry out to Jesus to get hope and help to rise above our circumstances and experience the life God desires we enjoy. When we walk in faith with Jesus others will be drawn to follow Jesus too. See Jesus & Peter walking on water video

Walk in the Spirit – You never have to walk alone 02/17/2013

Be encouraged to Walk in the Spirit and experience the power, peace and joy that God has for you! – Pastor Chris Teien

Walk in Love 02/10/2013

Be encouraged to “Walk in Love” in all aspects of your daily life. “And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us…” Eph 5:2 (NKJV) PICTURE??? Email if you would like to see the picture being drawn during the message on this blizzard Sunday when we weren’t sure the kids were going to children’s church. SEE VIDEO CLIP REFERENCED??? Here is a link to the touching video we showed during this message for you to see and/or share. Shows a full life of love perfect for Valentines.

Benefits to Walking Wisely 02/03/2013

Be encouraged to take steps to walk in wisdom and faith. Proverbs 3:1-12. Pastor Dan Jetto

Living in Anticipation of a New Heaven and New Earth 01/27/2013

We often make choices based on what we know is going to happen in the future. We may diet before a vacation at the beach, work on our fitness before a big ski trip, get more education to prepare to advance in our career, save money for a future need and prayerfully strategize to experience our future goals. The Lord makes it clear there are new days ahead to look forward to and then challenges us live lives that are prepared for the awesome future God has planned for those who are His (see 2 Peter 3:10-14). Here is a link to the Robert Saucy interview referenced in the audio

A New Song in my Heart 01/20/2013

Be encouraged to change the soundtrack of your life as God puts a new song in your heart and mouth. Make a commitment to listen to Christian music to encourage, enrich and embolden your life. From Psalm 40:1-5. Pastor Chris Teien.

New Creation in Christ 01/13/2013

Jesus doesn’t just restore us – He makes us a New Creation. Never forget how God can transform and use us for our good and His Glory.

Your Big Future 12/30/2012

Be encouraged to see God’s plans for your life and your need to keep seeking His divine guidance for your future. Proverbs 16. Pastor Chris Teien

The Eternal Meaning of Christmas 12/23/2012

Another Christmas will come and go, presents may be forgotten and memories may fade, but Jesus brings us everlasting gifts to enjoy today and throughout eternity. Be encouraged to receive, share and enjoy the eternal meaning of Christmas.

Faithful Like Joseph 12/16/2012

Some people call Joseph the forgotten man of Christmas but there is a lot we can learn from Joseph’s example of living a life that makes a difference. Be encouraged to move forward in faith even when you are fearful and life is hard. Be encouraged to be faithful when God casts you in a supporting role. Includes live interview with Joseph the Craftsman. Pastor Chris Teien

Seeing God’s Salvation 12/09/2012

Be encouraged to have faith like the Magi, Simeon and Anna who were busy living for God while they were waiting to see Jesus. – Pastor Dan Jetto

Contentment – Do I have what I need or should I pursue more or less? 11/25/2012

The Bible says that “godliness with contentment is great gain” and a well balanced life will lead to peace and enjoyment. Be encouraged to choose what you need to live a blessed and satisfying life. – Pastor Chris Teien

Feels Good to be Thank-full 11/18/2012

Discover or be reminded that Thanking God and having an attitude of gratitude is not only healthy but it is also wholesome and Holy. Church people share some things they are Thank-Full for. Pastor Chris Teien

Thankful that God sees the Bigger Picture 11/11/2012

Be encouraged to trust the Lord and keep walking with Him even when it doesn’t seem like things are currently going the way you want or expect them to. Eph 1:11. Pastor Chris Teien.

How can you Reproduce as a WELL Disciple? 10/28/2012  

As a Christian – what are you supposed to know? What do you need to be proclaiming as part of the full Gospel message in your evangelism? If you help someone come to faith in Jesus how can you help them grow in their new faith? What are the goals, areas to develop, principles to impart and character qualities to be developed in personal discipleship? Come be encouraged to be a WELL disciple that keeps growing and helps reproduce life changing faith in others. Pastor Chris Teien. Resources from this message include: How to Find God New Testament, The Story Evangelism booklet, Born to Reproduce by Dawson Trotman, Dynamics of Personal Follow Up by Gary W. Kuhne

How can you Grow to be a WELL Disciple? 10/21/2012  

God has given us His Word and His Holy Spirit to teach, equip, inspire and work through us. Be encouraged to pursue areas of deeper growth and effectiveness in your Christian life. Pastor Chris Teien

How can we be WELL Disciples? 10/14/2012  

Jesus calls us to be disciples and to produce disciples – find out how WELL Christians can answer that call. Chris Teien.

Rejecting Living Religiously – Embracing Living Relationally 10/07/2012  

Are you ready to reject living religiously? Are you ready to embrace a relational faith? Christianity was never meant to be an ever increasing set of rules to conform to, but a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus and His Word. F.ind the joy of rejecting a religious life and embrace a relational faith as prescribed by God’s Word. Pastor Dan Jetto.

Connecting WELL – Beyond your Inner Mess 09/23/2012  

Our inner self is the starting point for what we believe and do, Sometimes our own issues and self-esteem keep us from Connecting WELL. Be encouraged to let God fill you inwardly so that His best for your life will flow through you. Pastor Chris Teien.

Connecting WELL Together – Celebrating Ten Years of God’s Faithfulness 09/16/2012  

Hear the story of how River Rock church plant was started. River Rock Church celebrates 10 Years of ministry by thanking the Lord for all He has done and looking forward to what He will do in the future. Pastor Chris Teien.

Connecting WELL – Upward to our Loving God 09/09/2012  

Everybody wants their life to be significant and to experience the satisfaction of a life well lived. Discover how you can choose to “Be WELL.” W.E.L.L. is an acrostic for four key areas to filter through and to focus on in your life. Pastor Chris Teien

Stay in Gods Word – Effective Living 08/26/2012  

God has given us the opportunity to live Holy effective lives through the words He has spoken to us through the Bible. Be encouraged live effective lives as you spend time daily in Gods Word. Pastor Chris Teien

Stay in Gods Word – Inspired Living 08/19/2012  

Many people think the Bible is too big to read from cover to cover or too boring to want to. When we realize how much the Bible applies to our life and that God’s Word will lead us to enjoy inspired living then we will want to spread His Word and share what we have read. Pastor Chris Teien

Olympic Faith – Recommit to Overcome 08/12/2012  

Be encouraged to keep running your race so that you will be sure to finish well. Hebrews 12:12-14

Olympic Faith – Respect your Divine Coach 08/05/2012  

Be encouraged to endure and submit to God’s divine discipline in your life. Hebrews 12:5-11. Pastor Dan Jetto

Olympic Faith – Remain Focused on the Goal 07/29/2012  

Be encouraged to keep your focus on Jesus as you pursue a victorious life of olympic faith. Hear some of the testimonies of current Olympic athletes. (Heb 12:2-4) Pastor Chris Teien.

Olympic Faith – Run your Race without Giving Up 07/22/2012  

Be encouraged to get inspired, prepared, conditioned and to pursue the prize at the finish line even when it hurts. – Pastor Chris Teien

Olympic Faith – Remove what is Slowing you Down 07/15/2012  

Hebrews 12:1 says, “let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and run…” Be encouraged to remove whatever it is that is holding you back from doing your best to run the race God has called you to. – Pastor Chris Teien

Olympic Faith – Remember the Past Champions 07/08/2012  

Be encouraged to run your race and pursue the prize as you remember the champions who have been victorious before you. Hebrews 12:1 Pastor Chris Teien

Ready for a Road Trip – How Far Will You Go? 07/01/2012  

Are you ready for a heavenly “Road Trip?” Studied the Route? Filled for the journey? How far will you go in the adventure of your life? Come and be challenged and encouraged as we look at the last words of Jesus in Acts 1:1-11 to His disciples before ascending into heaven. Be encouraged to go on an adventure with Jesus. Pastor Dan Jetto

Gods Divine Design for Work and Time 06/24/2012  

God’s Word has a lot to say about His plan for how we use our time and how we do our work. Your work matters to God and the way you spend your time will make a difference in your quality of life. Be encouraged to spend your time and do your work in ways that honor God and lead to His blessing on your life.

God’s Perfect Divine Design for Men and Dads Roles 06/17/2012  

God’s Word has a lot to say about His divine design for Men and Dad’s to encourage and equip them to fulfill their roles in society and in their families.

God’s Divine Design for His Adopted Children 06/10/2012  

He is not only the Creator and King of the universe, He is loving and personally interested in your life. He is more than just an all powerful, all knowing, everywhere-present Deity; He is the Heavenly Father to His adopted children. Have you been adopted to be God’s child? Would you like to be? Be encouraged to experience the provision and security our Heavenly Father has divinely designed for His adopted children.

God’s Divine Design – Be filled with the Holy Spirit 05/27/2012  

Memorial Day weekend is a special time set aside to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom and also the official weekend that marks beginning of summer. It also Pentecost Sunday and we celebrate that God has given His followers the Holy Spirit to reveal truth, to convict sinful hearts, to comfort and empower. Take time to remember those who paid the price for our freedoms and come be encouraged to live your life filled and fueled by the Holy Spirit. Illustration we used: We tried to keep a balloon filled with air and and a helium filled balloon as an illustration to show the difficulty of living the Christian life in our own power compared to being pulled upward by the Holy Spirit’s Power.

Gods Divine Design for Marriage 05/20/2012  

Who “invented” marriage? How long have people benefited from marriage covenants? Who should decide the definition of marriage and how should marriage be defined? What wisdom does the Bible offer us about relationships, singleness, marriage, family and sexuality? Why is it important for Christians to stand up for principles like marriage in our society? Be encouraged to honor God’s divine plan for marriage. Resources included: http://minnesotapastorsformarriage.com

God’s Divine Design for Women and Mothers 05/13/2012  

When God created woman He had a perfect plan and a divine design. God has a plan for the women He has designed to be single, for those He has designed to be married without kids and for those He designed to be mothers. God also has a plan for women for the different stages of their lives.

Wish things would change? Plant seeds or get weeds! 04/29/2012  

God wants us to prioritize planting good seeds – our enemy the devil wants to choke out their growth with weeds. Make time to plan for growth, prepare the soil, plant the best seeds, water them with prayer and be ready to pull weeds so you can joyfully experience the greatest growth in your family life, work life and personal life.

Count Your Blessings 04/15/2012  

A lot of people seem to have a hard time feeling content when tax time rolls around this time of year. Someday we will all have to give an account to God for how we have spent our lives. God’s Word makes it clear that when we keep our focus on Him, we will be blessed and we can be a blessing to others. Be encouraged to count your blessings and make your life count. Chris Teien

Heavens Champion – Jesus won the Victory! 04/08/2012  

Celebrate seven things Jesus has done to conquer death and gain victory for us – He is Heaven’s Champion! Chris Teien

Fickle Fan or Faithful Follower? 04/01/2012  

Christians around the world celebrate the Sunday before Easter as Palm Sunday – come hear the story of The Foal, The Fans, The Foes and the Faithful as they interacted with Jesus between the Triumphal Entry and the Cross. We will contrast their responses to Jesus announcement that He is the Messiah and reflect on our lives as a response to Him.

HELP! How can I overcome Temptation? 03/25/2012  

Truly the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak but God won’t let us be tempted beyond what we can resist. You will be motivated to apply a strategy to keep you less likely to give in to the temptations that entice you. Chris Teien

HELP! How can I experience Forgiveness? 03/18/2012  

Jesus taught us to pray, “Forgive us…as we forgive others” and we understand that we all need to be forgiven and we need to be forgiving. Jesus made it possible for us to be set free from our past, empowered for today and ready for the future. Chris Teien

HELP! How can I get the stuff I need? 03/11/2012

Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us today our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11 and we are invited to ask for our needs with expectation and gratitude. We are encouraged to ask our Heavenly Father for Spiritual and Physical needs. We are even told in Scripture that “we have not because we ask not.” Be encouraged to be a proactive prayer and request provision for yourself and others. We trust that God will provide what we need when are walking with Him in His will. Sometimes He chooses not provide the way we expect and we must choose to trust Him and be content. Pastor Chris Teien

HELP! I need God’s Will more than my Own 02/26/2012

Jesus taught us to pray that God’s Kingdom come and His will be done and we are encouraged to pray for and trust God’s will more than our own desires. Chris Teien

HELP! I need my Holy Heavenly Father 02/19/2012

When Jesus taught His followers to pray He wanted us to know that we are coming before our Holy Heavenly Father. “Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be your name” (Matt 6:9). How does God care for us as His loved children and how can we grow in our desire to approach Him with confidence and assurance? Be encouraged to boldly spend time communicating with your Holy Heavenly Father. Chris Teien

HELP! Love must Communicate 02/12/2012

God expects us to communicate and grow in our relationship with Him through prayer. Holy, Effective, Life-changing, Prayer. Part 1 of HELP! Series. Chris Teien

Dying to be Jesus Disciple? 02/05/2012

Jesus said if anyone would come after me they must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him – Come learn how this is actually the path to a life of freedom, joy and fulfillment. Dan Jetto

Teaching Jesus New Followers 01/29/2012

We are called to be sold out for Jesus and to make disciples. Find out how you can invest into the life of a new Christ-follower and where you can acquire some disciple making tools. Chris Teien

Sharing His Good News 01/22/2012

Be encouraged to share your faith story and the good news about Jesus. Chris Teien

Investing Jesus Resources 01/15/2012

Be encouraged to invest some of the resources Jesus has entrusted you with for His glory and your benefit. Part 2 of the Sold out for Jesus series. Chris Teien

Living as Jesus Disciple 01/08/2012

Jesus invites us to a deeper more meaningful relationship as His disciples who help make more disciples. Part 1 of the Sold out to Jesus series. Chris Teien

A Witness Between Us – How to Leave a Legacy 09/25/2011  

Special Guest Speaker Tim Savaloja from the Christian and Missionary Alliance – message on Joshua 22 entitled “A Witness between Us – How to Leave a Legacy”

How to set your Affairs in Order – Help those you Leave Behind After you Die 09/18/2011  

Most people don’t want to think about or prepare for their life to end and have made no preparation for that day. We think we have a lot more time or that it will cost too much money to take action to plan and make a legal and living will. It’s time to think about how you can glorify God even after you’ve passed on. It’s time to take steps to make sure that your possessions, your children, your funeral desires are all taken care of the way you would want. If you don’t deal with it the state will. Be encouraged to make a plan to be a blessing to others even after you’ve gone to be with Jesus. Get Resources from – Pastor Chris Teien

Under Construction – God’s Work in our Lives 09/04/2011  

Not a single one of us is perfect and none of us will be until Christ returns. Even so, God’s Word tells us In Ephesians that we are “God’s workmanship” – Hear this encouraging word about what God has done both for us and in us, as He completes His work in our lives. Be encouraged to see how God keeps working in your life! Dan Jetto

The Greatest Promise for the Greatest Mission 08/07/2011  

Be encouraged by The Greatest Promise for the Greatest Mission from Matt 28:16-20. Pastor Dan Jetto.

Overcome Feelings of Rejection 07/24/2011  

Find out how to know and share with others the way to be Accepted by God and set free from fear of rejection. Joe A shared his faith story. Pastor Chris Teien.

Victory over Anger 06/26/2011  

Uncontrolled Wrath, Anger and Rage can lead you to do and say things that you wouldn’t normally, Yet even our Holy God expresses His righteous anger when it is appropriate. Be encouraged to get Victory over Anger and understand why other people around you may seem so angry. Pastor Chris Teien

Super Dad – Disciple Making 06/19/2011  

Be encouraged to understand Gods intentions for a Super Dad (and disciplers) Chris Teien

Super Mom? 05/08/2011  

Hear about some godly examples of mothers who were Super and come be encouraged to honor and thank God for your mom who brought you into this world. You will also be reminded of the enemies and kryptonite that can cause Super Mom trouble and how God can make up for your mothers shortcomings even if you don’t think of her as Super. Chris Teien

Seeking to Powerfully Share the Gospel through Prayer 03/27/2011  

Be encouraged to pray for opportunities to share your faith and learn a simple method to explain the Gospel. Portions adapted from Pastor Chris Teien.

Living in the Secret Place 01/16/2011

Find peace, security and satisfaction in this dangerous and crazy world as you live under the protective care of your Heavenly Father. Chris Teien