You are invited Sundays at 10am to our one hour church service. No need to dress up – just show up. Come a little early to connect with people and get some coffee, cookies and donuts and get ready for a time of worship and encouragement. We offer nursery care for kids 0-3 years old for the entire hour and we have Children’s Church for kids 4 years old to 4th grade during the message part of the service. 330 S Market St (Chatfield Elem School) in Belle Plaine (map)

  • Learning to Love Like Jesus – Sunday Feb 17th

    In John 13 Jesus gave His disciples a new commandment to follow – to love each other the way  that He loved them.  Come learn what this really means, and how learning to love the way Jesus did can radically change how we look at the world and how the world looks at the Church.  We are commanded to love this way.  It is radical.  It is revolutionary.  It can be reality.  Join us as we explore the exciting opportunities we have as Christ followers to change the world. 10am Sundays at 330 S Market St in Belle Plaine.

  • The Glorious Hope of Divine Justice – Sunday March 10th

    Be encouraged to find your hope, redemption, and deliverance in God even if you feel weighed down by the concerns of the world. Guest Speaker Pastor Nathan Phillips currently serves at The River Church in Chaska, received his ministry training from Crown College and is a 2013 graduate of Belle Plaine High School. 10am Sunday at River Rock Church @ Chatfield Elem School 330 S Market St in Belle Plaine.

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