Resources for Covid-19

Here are some resources to help you and your kids grow spiritually during the Covid-19 social distancing season.

Electric Boogaloo Skit Guys Video

Need a little excitement in your life? “Electric Boogaloo” will energize and inspire you! With a total running time of 75 minutes, you can watch some hilarious and heartfelt videos from The Skit Guys, including Little Billy: My God is So Big, Bible Brainstorm, Awkward Invites, and more!

Resources for Church at Home from NewSpring

Download free resources for your church. From series assets and children’s ministry curriculum to worship music and volunteer training, if we made it we’re happy to share it. Use the buttons below to browse resources by area of ministry. Source: Resources |

Printable Bible Lessons for Kids and Teens from Teach Sunday School

Teaching the Bible Should be a JOY… Not a CHORE Discover Hundreds of Printable Bible Lesson Plans & Activities That Make God’s Word Come Alive for Kids How We Equip You for Success:  1 EASY FOR YOUOur materials are printable and can be in your hands in a matter of minutes.We have hundreds of printable Bible lessons, games, crafts,Continue reading “Printable Bible Lessons for Kids and Teens from Teach Sunday School”

Illustrated Ministry’s Free Resources Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

We are supporting local congregations and families, as we all work to flatten the curve amid the COVID-19 pandemic, by providing free, weekly, faith formation resources for all, downloadable, and easy to accessa simple but meaningful way to engage faithquality materials from a trusted company used by thousands of churches from over 60+ denominationsContinue reading “Illustrated Ministry’s Free Resources Amid COVID-19 Pandemic”

Germ Busters at Home – Free Family Activities

Families stuck at home with nothing to do?​Looking for creative ways to engage your children while waiting out the Coronavirus?​Need something that will engage parents AND keep the children entertained? Try some of the Germ Buster activities below. Source: Germ Busters

Perspectives on the CaronaVirus

AN ANCIENT RESPONSE TO A MODERN VIRUS (C&MA) from Christ’s example prompts us to look beyond ourselves to those more vulnerable. We are grateful that as of March 1, we have received no reports of Alliance people contracting the novel coronavirus. Despite the complications associated with international travel and large public gatherings, we areContinue reading “Perspectives on the CaronaVirus”

Assign Your Coborns More Rewards Points to River Rock

Support River Rock Christian Education with Coborns More Rewards Points – it is easy to sign up! Coborn’s, Inc. has a strong tradition of community caring, service, and support. We emphasize the importance of being involved and giving back. Coborn’s is committed to donating $150,000 to local schools and child care organizations as part ofContinue reading “Assign Your Coborns More Rewards Points to River Rock”

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