River Rock Church

Belle Plaine, MN

Student Bible Quizzing


The 2019-2020 Bible Quiz Year is on Scripture from Hebrews and I & II Peter using the NIV 2011 Bible Translation. Bible Quizzing is open to students age 10 through grade 12 (Mature 9-year olds are eligible to quiz at coach’s discretion) and is a great way for kids to learn the Bible and teamwork. The annual registration fee will be $75 (discount available for multiple family members).

River Rock Competition Student Bible Quizzing Team(s)
During the School Year Bible Quizzing teams practice Sunday afternoons and usually compete one Saturday a month.

The Quizzing Mission is accomplished by:

  • Providing teens with an opportunity to be involved in the systematic study and application of God’s word.
  • Building character, instilling self-discipline and encouraging prayer and unity.
  • Equipping young people with the capacity to serve in other areas of ministry

For more info about Northwestern District Quizzing Bible Quizzing and to see the most recent schedule go to http://www.ncdquiz.org

Some River Rock Church Bible Quiz Team Trophies
The Bible Quizzing Motto
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