Sermon: Even when Life is Terrible, True Love is Patient and Kind

Yes, there are a lot of problems in the world. Yes, you are probably hiding behind your mask. No, you don’t get to be unloving and unkind just because you are frustrated or even angry. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Apostle Paul gives us a list in 1 Corinthians 13 of whatContinue reading “Sermon: Even when Life is Terrible, True Love is Patient and Kind”

Sermon: Find Joy When You Make Time for Jesus this CHRISTmas Season

Most of us are very familiar with the narrative of the Biblical Christmas story. Have you ever considered how those in the story that God used greatly were busy doing things that pleased God and that they were willing to change their plans to answer God’s call in their lives? It may actually be easierContinue reading “Sermon: Find Joy When You Make Time for Jesus this CHRISTmas Season”

Sermon: What Are We Expecting for Christmas?

This Christmas what is it that we are expecting?  Is it gifts, a chance to relax with a couple extra days off?  With the pandemic many will be missing traditional gatherings, meals with extended families, but is there something more, something greater we should be expecting this year?  What would happen if instead of expecting theseContinue reading “Sermon: What Are We Expecting for Christmas?”

Sermon: When God’s Plans Leave You Speechless

We start the Christmas message series this weekend with the amazing story of Zechariah and Elizabeth (parents of John the Baptist) as God was preparing the stage for Jesus to be born into the world. While Zechariah and Elizabeth were in the middle of God’s important plans they were also inconvenienced and left wondering whatContinue reading “Sermon: When God’s Plans Leave You Speechless”

Sermon: Six Ways to Give Thanks even when Covid hinders your plans

The calendar says we are scheduled to have a day to gather and be full of thanksgiving but the medical experts want us to keep to ourselves. In many ways this year has been full of disappointment and while we may not feel thankful, we can find hope and encouragement through the Scriptures. Watch PastorContinue reading “Sermon: Six Ways to Give Thanks even when Covid hinders your plans”

Sermon: Victory over Discouragement

There is so much discouragement these days. Fear of sickness, job insecurity, political chaos, relationship troubles, social isolation, boredom, disappointment, ungodliness and so many other things can make us feel discouraged. With God’s help, when we turn our focus from our own issues and look toward the people and priorities God cares about we willContinue reading “Sermon: Victory over Discouragement”