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I Still Believe – Sunday 3/1

There is a new movie coming out that tells the story of Christian musician Jeremy Camp and his wife as they struggled with their faith while hoping, praying and waiting for God to heal her of cancer. It has already been listed as one of the top ten romantic movies of the year by Seventeen magazine (they don’t usually do that for Christian films). I haven’t seen the movie but I have read their story and I do understand the struggle to keep walking in faith as you cry out to God for help. This seems like a great opportunity to take two Sundays to look at what the Bible says about enduring faith in the midst of sickness, pain, uncertainty, hardships and loss. Come to River Rock Church to be encouraged to have hope and hold on to your faith when it seems like everything is falling apart. 10am Sundays at River Rock Church 330 S Market St in Belle Plaine

  • 3/8 “I Still Believe: When God allows me to go through Difficult Times”
  • 3/15 “Living as an Encourager” (1 Thessalonians)
  • 3/22 “Living as an Example Worth Following”
  • 3/29 “Living Faithfully when Facing Adversity”