Sermon: God Created us to Do Good

God created us, We are God’s masterpiece, We are created anew in Christ Jesus to do good works. We are created with with different personalities, Spiritual gifts, talents, resources and experiences. As the body of Christ we need each other to accomplish His purposes. The Lord gives us the choice to grow in Him and use what He has equipped us with or to just let it sit on the shelf while we waste our days away. The Bible makes it clear that God chooses to use some people more than others. In this message we will look at what we should and should not do if we want to be significantly used by God. You will be encouraged to prepare for God to use you to make a difference and leave a legacy. This message continues the 4/12 message “Why Don’t You Live so God can Use You?” Pastor Chris Teien #RiverRockChurchMN

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